Synonyms for ecarinatum or Related words with ecarinatum

exstans              controversum              amplum              caffrorum              almum              macrospermum              timorense              halepense              brachypodum              burmahicum              laxiflorum              nervosum              leiocladum              subglabrescens              matarankense              arundinaceum              cernuum              saccharatum              stipoideum              guineense              cereale              cemuum              cabritas              unguiculata              ravennae              sudanense              erianthus              purpureosericeum              verticilliflorum              millsp              snowdenia              dochna              lorentzii              sudanensese              eustachys              spontaneum              chiloensis              homalocenchrus              bulbosum              schizostachyum              camota              pennisetum              peltophorum              porrifolium              itchgrass              eulaliopsis              plumosum              peltogyne              lablab              hondoensis             

Examples of "ecarinatum"
"Xanthophyllum ecarinatum" is endemic to Borneo. Its habitat is forests from sea-level to altitude.
Xanthophyllum ecarinatum is a tree in the family Polygalaceae. The specific epithet "" is from the Latin meaning "not keeled", referring to the fact that the petals do not form the shape of a boat (or carina).
"Xanthophyllum" species grow as trees or shrubs. Their twigs are often smooth and are coloured green or yellow. Leaves, when not drying yellow, dry green or dark brown. Flowers feature five petals. The mostly roundish fruits are not winged and measure up to in diameter. Fruits of some species are considered edible, e.g. "X. ecarinatum", "X. obscurum" and "X. stipitatum".
"Xanthophyllum ecarinatum" grows up to tall with a trunk diameter of up to . The smooth bark is pale grey or brown. The flowers are white when fresh. The edible fruits are ellipsoid, coloured orange to dark brown and measure up to long.