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Examples of "eccentrik"
The Eccentrik Festival is an annual 3-day Goth and industrial music festival held in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and has in some years been spread out between several different venues. The festival started in October 2004. Musical styles typically featured at Eccentrik include deathrock, psychobilly, gothic rock, industrial, post-punk, dark cabaret, steampunk, synthpop and other related genres. The festival is also notable for its party-like atmosphere, the pre-festival meet n' greet, art show, and a dancefloor featuring goth, deathrock, industrial, steampunk and post-punk djs from around the US.
In 2008, the Eccentrik Festival went steampunk by asking some of the most well-known musicians in that genre to perform, as well as having the Davenport sisters of the weekly radio program, The Clockwork Cabaret, act as hosts for the event.
Vernian Process has appeared at events performing with Attrition, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, and Faith and the Muse, Ravenwood Festival in Arkansas, and the Eccentrik Music Festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2008. In 2009 they appeared at a number of festivals, notably Steamcon in Seattle, Washington (alongside Abney Park), Eccentrik Festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and The Endless Night Festival in New Orleans. In 2011, they performed across the West Coast at events such as Gaslight Gathering in San Diego, California; Maker Faire in San Mateo, California; and the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco, California. In 2012 they appeared alongside Thomas Dolby and Abney Park at the inaugural 'Steamstock' festival at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California.
Known for "spastic" and energetic live performances, they have performed at major festivals such as Infest, Kinetik Festival, Resistanz, C.O.M.A., Reverence Festival, Eccentrik Festival, and Blacksun Festival. The band has had songs remixed by artists such as Boole, and side projects include Dinosaur Tank, Gothsticulate with Caustic and Modulate, False Edge with Death of Self, and Khionik, a version of The Gothsicles that releases party music. Graupner has also formed The Causticles, a collaboration with Caustic, and Hardcore Pong with Angelspit.
In 2005, Ego Likeness toured Germany, Luxembourg, and the continental US with Dancing Ferret label mates The Crüxshadows, as well as performing at several festivals on the east and west coast, including Convergence 11 (San Diego CA), Dracula’s Ball (Philadelphia PA), Blacksun Festival I (New Haven CT), Freaks United (DC), Eccentrik Festival I (Raleigh NC), Dragon Con (Atlanta GA), Ring Con (Fulda, Germany) and others.
UXG has performed in notable venues such as the CIA, the Knitting Factory and the Derby, and have performed at major goth and steampunk events including Eccentrik Festival, Bats Day and The Edwardian Ball. They can often be heard on a number of steampunk radio broadcasts that stream worldwide, such as The Clockwork Cabaret, and were recently featured in the SmallWORLD podcast's focus on steampunk.
Beyond regularly touring in Wisconsin and Illinois, since 2003 the band has performed at a number of major festivals. They were frequent performers at the Reverence Festival held in Madison, Wisconsin, appearing from 2004 to 2009. Other early notable shows include GenCon from 2004 to 2007, CONvergence from 2006 to 2007, and MarsCon 2006 to 2008. They were on stage with Caustic at the Indoctrination Festival in Chicago in 2006, and were the opening act at the British alternative event Infest 2007, where they were reviewed positively by the BBC. Also in 2007 they performed at Eccentrik Festival, a goth and industrial festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, and appeared at the final rendition of Blacksun Festival in New Haven, Connecticut.
Lancaster's mother said: "it will also help fund group sessions with young people to teach them about alternative cultures and to respect everyone." A special black ribbon was being sold to support the fund available at the many events being held across Rossendale and in local shops. Lancaster's memory was further honoured at the Eccentrik Festival in North Carolina, "and three more concerts are planned in California, Iowa and Brisbane, Australia." A number of gothic gigs and club nights across the UK and Ireland dedicated a night to Lancaster in October and November 2007, including the Whitby Gothic Weekend. A collection was raised from these events to place a memorial bench to her in Whitby. The bench was put in place on Whitby's West Cliff in January 2008.