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Examples of "edmar"
Edmar Halovskyi de Lacerda (; born 16 June 1980) often known as simply Edmar, born as Edmar de Lacerda Aparecida, is a Brazilian (until March 2011) and Ukrainian (since March 2011) footballer who plays as a midfielder for Boca Raton FC.
Edmar Guilherme Hermany is a Brazilian politician.
2011: EC Llanera 35, in collaboration with Edmar Castañeda
Edmar Bernardes dos Santos or simply Edmar (born January 20, 1960 in Araxá, Brazil) is a former Brazilian football player who won the silver medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics.
Edmar Japiassú Maia (born 30 January 1941) is a Brazilian former footballer.
Edmar Mednis gave this breakdown when the defending king is not able to help:
102. San Jose ng Arimatea – G. Edmar Endrinal Felipe at Pamilya
Edmar Mednis gives two principles for endgames with bishops on opposite colors:
Puna is a younger brother of former Angola national basketball team members Ângelo Victoriano and Edmar Victoriano "Baduna".
As a naturalized Ukrainian citizen, on 20 July 2014, Edmar received the agenda to the Ukrainian Army during the conflict with Russia.
Edson Edmar Dias de Souza (born 21 May 1987), known as Mateus (Matheus) or Mateus Paraná (literally Matthew of Paraná), is a Brazilian footballer.
the Edmar Castañeda Trio, Michael Benedict’s Gary McFarland Legacy Ensemble and the Los Angeles-based funk-fusion trio Tizer, led by keyboardist-composer Lao Tizer;
Edmar de Salles (born 15 June 1928) is a Brazilian former sports shooter. He competed in two events at the 1968 Summer Olympics.
Top players that he scored wins against were Donald Byrne, multiple wins against Arnold Denker, multiple wins against Frank James Marshall, Edmar Mednis, and Sammy Reshevsky, amongst others.
Edmar Figueira (Naviraí, 13 May 1984) is a Brazilian footballer who currently plays for SC São Paulo from Brazil. He is a left-footed striker.
Issues in Structural Adjustment of the Indian Economy, in Edmar L. Bacha (ed.), "Economics in a Changing World: Development, Trade and the Environment" (Macmillan, 1994)
Although there are checkmate positions with two knights against a king, they cannot be forced. Edmar Mednis stated that this inability to force checkmate is "one of the great injustices of chess" .
"Little Torrington was originally a Saxon Settlement called Toritona." "The Manor of Toritona was held by a Saxon called Edmar during the reign of Edward the Confessor" between 1042–1066.
Edmar made his debut for Ukraine on 10 August 2011, in a 0–1 loss against Sweden in a friendly match at his club ground in Kharkiv, replacing Ruslan Rotan for the final 17 minutes.
Miguel Farré Mallofré participated in two World junior championships in 1953 and 1955. In 1953 he finished second in the "B" final (10th overall); in 1955 he finished third behind Boris Spassky and Edmar Mednis.