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Examples of "edward_gorey"
featured cover fellow Cape Cod artist and author Edward Gorey.
Artistic influences: Charles Addams, Chris VanAllsburg, C.F. Payne, Edward Gorey, Peter de Séve
The show won two Tony Awards for Most Innovative Production of a Revival and Best Costume Design (Edward Gorey).
Mark G. E.’s film “The Unfortunate Gift” has been accepted into the Edward Gorey House Archive.
In 2010, "Publisher's Weekly" reported that he was writing a biography of the artist "Edward Gorey" for Little, Brown.
Edward Gorey agreed in an interview that the "sexlessness" of his works was a product of his asexuality.
The Edward Gorey House, also known as the Elephant House, is the home on Cape Cod in which Edward Gorey—author, illustrator, puppeteer, and playwright—lived and worked from 1986 until his death in 2000. The house currently serves as a museum celebrating Gorey's life and work.
Mower Hall — Past residents include Timothy Crouse, Al Franken, Al Gore, Edward Gorey, Tommy Lee Jones, Arthur Kopit, Charles Murray, Thomas Oliphant, and Bob Somerby.
• 2004: Winter / En Hiver - Animated in a quill pen style; an homage to illustrators like Edward Gorey (Received Telly Award, Crystal Heart Award ).
"The Gashlycrumb Tinies," a 1963 book by Edward Gorey, is written in strict 10-syllable lines consisting of three dactyls plus a final stressed syllable:
The cover art was drawn by Julie Morstad and is done in the style of Edward Gorey. Morstad has also done artwork for Neko Case.
Clifford Ross is the author of books on Abstract Expressionism and Edward Gorey, and is a contributing editor to BOMB (magazine).
Another of his roommates in the 1960s was film maker and fellow Edward Gorey enthusiast Peter de Rome. McGregor appears in de Rome's film "Mumbo Jumbo" (1971).
With Fedorenko and Perlman, Lamb created the animated title sequence of the PBS series "Mystery!" based on the art of Edward Gorey, and a series of network ID's for YTV in 1991.
Carson Ellis's illustrations, ever present on Decemberists album covers, are consistent with the folklore roots of the band's songs, love of nature, and romanticized historical periods, having a dark and playfully macabre tone reminiscent of Edward Gorey and Roald Dahl.
, Chaval, Paul Flora, Edward Gorey, Loriot, , Sempé, Roland Topor, F. K. Waechter and . Some of the artists illustrated other books or created drawings of title pages for Diogenes. Children's books included works by and Maurice Sendak.
(a.k.a. The Kreep) is his nom de plume. He has a popular Gothic blog entitled The Kreep. The Kreep, according to Robert K. Elder of the Chicago Tribune, is, “…a Gothic poet and illustrator in the tradition of Edward Gorey.”
The Dark Secret of Weatherend is a gothic fantasy novel directed at child readers. It was written by John Bellairs and originally published in 1984. The book was illustrated by Edward Gorey.
For over a decade, Jill Tracy has been “Belle of the Ball” at the wildly popular Edwardian Ball, an annual lavish costumed event in San Francisco and Los Angeles, drawing thousands of spectators worldwide in homage to artist Edward Gorey.
Mainstream reviews of "Ned's Newt" were mixed to mostly positive. Author and cartoonist Edward Gorey was a strong fan of the show, identifying "Ned's Newt" as the "greatest" animated show in a 1998 Newsday interview.