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Examples of "eenie"
Eenie Meenie Records is a Los Angeles-based music record label.
While in the band Eenie Meenie she was picked as "Best Insight Seer," by the LA Weekly.
In 2012, Eenie Meenie Records reissued "Blue Swan Orchestra" on vinyl to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Goldenboy's debut.
All recordings copyright 2005 Eenie Meenie Records except track 1 (copyright 2004 Interscope Records) and track 7 (copyright 2004 EELS).
Blue-Eyed Son's 2013 release "Shadows on the Son", was produced by Ellis and released on Eenie Meenie Records. Ellis co-wrote, arranged and performed on the EP.
The collaboration nabbed two #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with "Gimme Luv (Eenie Meenie Miny Mo)" and "The Program" (both featuring Papa San).
The band went on a brief hiatus during 2004 as Schneider released the debut album from a new band called Ulysses and Sidney released the debut album from her new band The High Water Marks; both were released on Eenie Meenie Records. In 2005, The Apples in Stereo contributed "Liza Jane" to the Eenie Meenie compilation, "Dimension Mix". It was also around this time that news began to circulate among various websites concerning the band's next studio album.
Great Northern is a rock group from Los Angeles composed of lead vocalist/keyboardist Rachel Stolte, guitarist/vocalist Solon Bixler (formerly of Thirty Seconds to Mars), and drummer Davey Latter. In 2007, they were signed with the independent label Eenie Meenie Records, where they released their debut album, "Trading Twilight For Daylight" (2007), and their second album, "Remind Me Where the Light Is" (2009). They are no longer with Eenie Meenie Records. They released their third album "Tremors" in 2015.
On 28 April 2006 a new road opened between Eumarella Road and Eenie Creek Road at Noosaville, taking State Route 70 along with it. The road was named Walter Hay Drive.
The 1933 Looney Tunes cartoon "Bosko's Picture Show" parodies MGM as "TNT pictures", whose logo is a roaring and burping lion with the motto "Eenie Meanie Minie Moe" in the place of MGM's "Ars Gratia Artis".
The album features Eenie Meenie artists such as From Bubblegum to Sky, Oranger, Blue-Eyed Son, and DJ Me DJ You as well as more popular artists such as Beck, Eels, Stereolab, and The Apples in Stereo.
Goldenboy's second album, "Underneath the Radio" was released in October 2006 on Eenie Meenie Records. Shon Sullivan and Bryan Bos (drums) collaborated with Weezer's former bassist, Matt Sharp on this record.
Dimension Mix is a compilation album from indie record label Eenie Meenie Records released on August 23, 2005. The CD is a tribute to Dimension 5 Records and the music of electronic sound pioneers Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson.
In Australia, it debuted at number forty-nine within the ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart on April 4, 2010, the next week, "Eenie Meenie" reached the number thirty, but it fell out the chart the following week. It re-entered at number forty-five on April 25, 2010, and reached its peak at number eleven on May 30, 2010, where it stayed for three weeks. Later it was certified as gold by the Australian Recording Industry Association. The song appeared in the UK Singles Chart on May 22, 2010, at number fifty-eight. The next week "Eenie Meenie" rose to number seventeen and peaked at number nine in the next two weeks.
It has been the site of significant premieres such as Frank Zappa's rock opera Joe's Garage, deLEARious by Ron West, Fall Off Night by Allison Gregory, The Room by Michael Franco, Eenie Meanie by Teresa Willis, Love Water by Jacqueline Wright, Neil Labute's The New Testament, and Julie Hebert's St. Joan and the Dancing Sickness.
Oranger's last album, "New Comes and Goes", was released in 2005 on Los Angeles indie Eenie Meenie Records. Also in 2005, the band's cover of the 1954 hit song "Mr. Sandman" was featured in the Xbox video game "Stubbs the Zombie in "Rebel Without a Pulse"" and in the television show "Vampire Diaries"
Ulysses is an indie rock band formed by Robert Schneider (lead vocalist of The Apples in Stereo) along with John Ferguson and Ben Fulton in the spring of 2003. Robert Beatty (of Hair Police) joined later that year. They released their first album, "010", on October 26, 2004 through Eenie Meenie Records. The album was released in mono.
They have collaborated in the studio with Madonna, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Amy Weber, Sean Kingston, Cee-Lo, Jennifer Hudson, Ciara, Diggy Simmons, Charice, Jay Sean, Jennifer Lopez, Big Time Rush, Shontelle, and Mann, among others. They co-wrote the platinum selling single "Eenie Meenie" performed by Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston and Madonna's 2009 single "Revolver".
Schneider formed a comparatively dark band in 2004 called Ulysses in Lexington, Kentucky, which released the 2005 album "010" on Eenie Meenie Records recorded live with a single microphone, and released a second Marbles album "Expo" in 2005 influenced by Electric Light Orchestra, as well as Gary Numan, Michael Jackson, New Order and The Cars.
After recruiting drummer Davey Latter and bassist Ashley Dzerigian, Great Northern hung around Los Angeles while completing material for a debut album. Great Northern signed with the indie label Eenie Meenie Records in the summer of 2006 and began recording with producer Mathias Schneeberger. The band's debut album was completed after about 6 months of song writing,"Trading Twilight For Daylight".