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Examples of "effectrive"
Harding signed the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921, considered one of his greatest domestic and enduring achievements. Harding got authorization from Congress for the country's first formal budgeting process—establishing of the Bureau of the Budget. The law created the position of presidential budget director, who was directly responsible to the President rather than to the Secretary of Treasury. The law also stipulated that the President must annually submit a budget to the U.S. Congress, and all presidents since have had to do so. The General Accounting Office was created to assure oversight in the federal budget expenditures. Harding appointed Charles Dawes as the Bureau of the Budget's first director. Known for his position as an effectrive financier, Dawes reduced government spending by $1.5 billion his first year as director, a 25% reduction, along with another 25% reduction the following year. In effect, the Government budget was nearly cut in half in just two years.