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papagianopoulos              thodoros              voskopoulos              kaldaras              zafeiriou              polykandriotis              sotia              tzeni              korkolis              xypna              tragouda              veggos              kraounakis              natassa              kazantzidis              mimis              tolis              vlavianos              tsotou              dionysis              loukianos              vagelis              hadjinasios              alkistis              biniaris              mporo              rasoulis              lavrentis              bithikotsis              vakousis              xilouris              giannatsoulia              alkis              vrahali              vengos              pashalis              vasiliadis              megales              kokotas              plessas              giati              terzis              dionisis              erastis              giannopoulou              treli              protopsalti              dionisiou              loizos              ifigeneia             

Examples of "eftichia"
Many well-known songs have lyrics by Eftichia Papagianopoulos, including:
Eftichia Papagianopoulos (), also spelled as Eftihia Papagianopoulou (1893 – 7 January 1972), was a Greek lyricist.
Stassinopoulos married Eftichia "Effie" Pappaioannou, a philologist and archaeologist, on 16 July 1950. They had one daughter and three grandchildren. Effie passed away in 2013.
A recent (2002) book written by lyricist and journalist Lefteris Papadopoulos, who was a friend of Eftichia during the last years of her life, helped a lot to increase recognition for her work.
Eftichia Michailidou (born 20 September 1977) is a Greek retired football midfielder who played for the Greece women's national football team. She competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics. At the club level, she played for Kavala 86.
Papadopoulos contributed lyrics to some Greek songs from 1960 to 1990. He also wrote a few literary books, and one about the lyricist Eftichia Papagianopoulou. He has presented various programmes about Greek Music on television; the most recent, entitled "Makrines Filies" (Remote Friendships), was broadcast on National Television, ERT.
He went to Athens in the 1960s, where he made his big break into the Greek popular musical scene as a composer. The song "What can you do, with only one heart" (), with lyrics by Eftichia Papagianopoulou, marked the start of his national career.
Other significant songwriters and lyricists of this category are considered George Zambetas, Akis Panou, Apostolos Kaldaras, Giorgos Mitsakis, Stavros Kouyioumtzis, Lefteris Papadopoulos and Eftichia Papagianopoulos. Many artists have combined the traditions of éntekhno and laïkó with considerable success, such as the composers Mimis Plessas and Stavros Xarchakos.
"Dio portes echi i zoi" (Greek: Δύο πόρτες έχει η ζωή; ), sometimes billed as "Tora pou fevgo ap' ti zoi" or "To telefteo vrady mou", is a Greek-language song performed by popular Greek singers Stelios Kazantzidis and Marinella. The lyrics are by Eftichia Papagianopoulos and the music is by Kazantzidis himself. The song was first released on 78 rpm vinyl record in 1959 by His Master's Voice in Greece. The record also contained the song "Madhubala" and sold about 100,000 pieces in its year of release, beating the previous record of 45,000 record sales that Hadjidakis song "Garifallo st' afti" had set.