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Examples of "eggenfelden"
The municipality Eggenfelden has 119 officially named Stadtteile:
Moreover, a long-term partnership exists between organizations for the disabled in Bischofswerda and Eggenfelden.
2014 (première),Topalovic & Söhne (Balkanoperette, Komponist: Nebojsa Krulanovic), Theater an der Rott, Eggenfelden
Eggenfelden is located in the gentle valley of the Rott at the intersection of B 20 with the B 388 and the beginning of the B 588 . The city has two railway stations on the railway Passau - Neumarkt- Sankt Veit as well as an airfield (airfield Eggenfelden) . Eggenfelden is located about 56 km southeast of Landshut , 60 km south of Straubing , 70 km south-west of Passau , 84 kilometers north of Salzburg and 110 kilometers east of Munich.
Theater an der Rott is the theatre of Kreis (district) Rottal-Inn in the southeastern part of Bavaria, Germany. It is situated in the Lower Bavarian town Eggenfelden.
Rieger, full name: Rieger Kfz-Kunststoffteile, Design und Tuning GmbH, are a German based tuning and bodykit manufacturer based in Eggenfelden.
The district was created in 1972 by merging the two previous districts Pfarrkirchen and Eggenfelden and parts of the districts Griesbach and Vilsbiburg.
Beginning about 1830, journeyman coopers brought the dance to other places such as Eggenfelden, Frontenhausen, Geiselhöring, Mainburg, Mühldorf, Murnau, Kelheim, Landshut, Partenkirchen and Wasserburg.
Mitterskirchen is situated in a small side-valley of the Rott, bordering on the district of Oberbayern (upper Bavaria). Mitterskirchen is at the federal highway B588, about seven kilometers south-west of Eggenfelden, 18 kilometers north of Altötting, 23 kilometers north-east of Mühldorf, as well as 22 kilometers south-west of the district capital Pfarrkirchen. The next train station on the railway line Passau - Mühldorf is in Eggenfelden.
Konrad Lex (born December 7, 1974 in Eggenfelden, Lower Bavaria) is a German ski mountaineer. He is a member of the DAV section Gangkofen and of the national team.
Joseph Vogl (born October 5, 1957 in Eggenfelden, Lower Bavaria) is a German philosopher who has written on literature, culture and media. He is Professor of Modern German Literature, Literary, Media and Cultural Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin.
Winhöring is the starting point of the famous federal road 588 to Eggenfelden. No federal road in Germany has a higher reference number than this road. Winhöring also features a bewitched castle in the middle of a forest. Most of it burnt down in the 1950s, but many rooms are still intact.
An extension of the federal highway from Eggenfelden to Altötting was finished in 2008, passing the village at a further distance now, and cutting through between the village's north-eastern limits and its adjacent neighborhood Leitenbach. The extension was necessary due to the bad condition of the original pieces of street that went through the village and the commuting traffic and heavy trucks.
Zeilarn is located in the region Landshut in a characteristic Lower Bavarian landscape of hills directly along the B20 about 14 km southeast of Eggenfelden, 18 km northeast of Altötting, 20 km north of Burghausen, 17 km northwest of Simbach and 20 km southwest of the county town Pfarrkirchen. The nearest train station is situated in Marktl.
The larger centres of population in the Lower Bavarian Upland are Landau an der Isar, Pfarrkirchen, Eggenfelden, Bad Griesbach im Rottal, Ortenburg, Triftern, Rottenburg an der Laaber and Pfeffenhausen. The Lower Bavarian Spa Triangle ("Niederbayerisches Bäderdreieck") is of particularly importance for tourism.
The market town (Markt) Gangkofen lies in the valley of the river Bina along the federal highway B 388 about 17 km (11 mi) west of Eggenfelden, 26 km (16 mi) south of Dingolfing, 40 km (25 mi) southeast of Landshut, 25 km (16 mi) north of Mühldorf and 32 km (20 mi) west of the county (district) seat, Pfarrkirchen.
The Rott is a 109 km long river in Bavaria, Germany, left tributary of the Inn. Its source is in the municipality Wurmsham in Lower Bavaria, between Landshut and Waldkraiburg. It flows east through a rural area with small towns, including Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, Eggenfelden, Pfarrkirchen and Pocking. It flows into the Inn opposite Schärding, on the border with Austria.
Barbara Engleder, née Lechner (born 16 September 1982 in Eggenfelden) is a German rifle shooter. She competed in the 50 m rifle three positions event at the 2012 Summer Olympics, where she placed 6th in the final. She won gold at the 50 m rifle three positions event at the 2016 Summer Olympics
Mitterskirchen used to belong to the "Rentamt" Landshut and the "Landgericht" (court) Eggenfelden of the Electorate Bavaria. The "Freiin" of Ingenheim, born a von Closen of Gern and Arnstorf, owned an open "Hofmark" here in 1800. During the administrative reforms in Bavaria, today's municipality was established by the 1818 "Gemeindeedikt".
The first time Zeilarn was mentioned in a document was in 788 as "Cidlar" in the index of the archdiocese Salzburg. Later the village belonged to the county Leonberg, after its extinction in 1319 the counts of Hals inherited the properties. Until the administrative reform in Bavaria in 1818 Zeilarn belonged to the revenue office Landshut and the district court Eggenfelden. Afterwards the boroughs Obertürken, Gumpersdorf and Schildthurn emerged.