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afanasyevich              filippovich              matveevich              grigorievich              evgenievich              georgiyevich              akimovich              semenovich              vyacheslavovich              alexeevich              valentinovich              stanislavovich              kosolapov              olegovich              gavrilovich              iosifovich              gennadyevich              yegorovich              alekseevich              nikitovich              nikanorovich              timofeevich              pushkaryov              alekseyevich              ogorodnikov              kamnev              vishnyakov              illarionovich              matveyevich              osipovich              eduardovich              platonovich              sergeievich              vitalyevich              ignatyevich              vladimirovitch              andreevich              evgenevich              vladislavovich              afanasievich              fedotovich              alexandrovitch              fomichyov              leonidovich              arkadyevich              efimovich              koshelev              georgievich              arkadievich              zakharovich             

Examples of "egorovich"
Mikhail Egorovich Alekseev (Russian: Михаи́л Его́рович Алексе́ев) (24 October 1949, in Mytishchi – 23 May 2014, in Ufa) was a Soviet and Russian linguist specializing in Nakh-Daghestanian languages.
Gennadi Egorovich Korshikov (, born February 19, 1949) is a Russian rower who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1972 Summer Olympics and in the 1976 Summer Olympics.
The Aviastroitel AC-7 is a Russian mid-wing, T-tailed, two-seats-in-side-by-side configuration, glider that was designed by Vladimir Egorovich Fedorov and produced by Aviastroitel, now Glider Air Craft.
The Aviastroitel AC-4 Russia is a Russian mid-wing, single-seat glider designed by Vladimir Egorovich Fedorov and produced by Aircraft Cooperative Mechta, which became Aviastroitel, now Glider Air Craft.
Baron Egor Egorovich Staal (anglicised as Georges de Staal, and francised as Georges Frédéric Charles de Staal; March 1822 – 22 February 1907) was a Russian diplomat, who served as ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1884 to 1902.
The original version of "The Enchanted Wanderer" came out with a dedication to Sergey Egorovich Kushelev, an infantry general, close to the Russian Court, and Leskov's friend. "In the Autumn of 1872 as I've written "The Sealed Angel"… Adjutant-General Sergey Egorovich Kushelev visited me, asking for a manuscript to be taken to the Court so that Empress consort Maria Aleksanrovna could read it. This started my friendship with several houses which at the time regarded beau monde, particularly the Kushelev house where I've been received as a friend. There I met a lot of interesting people," Leskov remembered.
The Aviastroitel AC-7M is a Russian mid-wing, T-tailed, two-seats in side-by-side configuration motor glider that was designed by Vladimir Egorovich Fedorov and produced by Aviastroitel, now Glider Air Craft.
History has retained the name of the founder of the institution, lieutenant commander Alexander Egorovich Konkevich, "Superintendent" of the Fleet and the Maritime Unit (the official name of the Bulgarian Navy in the 19th century).
Varlamov Glacier (;) is a glacier on Beethoven Peninsula, Alexander Island, flowing northwest into the head of Brahms Inlet. It was named by the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1987 after Alexander Egorovich Varlamov (1801-48), the Russian composer.
Feofil Egorovich Meindorf (August 4, 1838 – October 18, 1919) was an Imperial Russian corps commander. He fought in the Caucasus and against the Ottoman Empire and the Empire of Japan.
Vladimir Egorovich Kuzhelev (; born April 29, 1974 in Soviet Union) is a Russian football player. In 1991 he made debut for FC Dynamo Bryansk. Kuzhelev also played for FC Energia Uren, FC Lukoil Chelyabinsk and FC Amur Blagoveshchensk in Russia, FC Torpedo-Kadino Mogilev in Belarus, FC Volyn Lutsk and FC Prykarpattya Ivano-Frankivsk of Ukraine.
Vladimir Egorovich Yakovlev (, born March 8, 1959) is a founder and an editor-in-chief of the "Kommersant Newspaper", the first Russian daily business-oriented newspaper. He is a former CEO and owner of Kommersant Publishing house. Yakovlev is considered to be one of the creators of the Post-Soviet format of Russian journalism.
Andrey Egorovich Borovykh () (1921-1989) was a Soviet Air Force flying ace during World War II, twice Hero of the Soviet Union and recipient of several other awards. Between 1969 and 1977, he commanded the Soviet Air Defence Forces (PVO) aviation units. Borovykh reached the rank of colonel general.
David Egorovich Dolidze (, ) ( – ??) was a Georgian and Soviet mathematician, known from his work in the mathematical theory of fluid motion. In particular he rediscovered an important uniqueness theorem for the classical solutions to the Navier–Stokes equations for an incompressible fluid, previously proved by Emanuele Foà.
Alexander Egorovich Varlamov (or "Aleksandr Yegorovich Varlamov"; ; 27 November 1801 – 27 October 1848) was one of the founding fathers of the Russian art song. He was the author of probably the first method of singing by a Russian author, "Polnaya Shkola Penia - The Complete School of Singing " (Moscow, 1840)
Semyon Egorovich Raich (Russian: Семён Егорович Раич) (1792–1855) was a Russian poet and translator, who worked as a teacher at the boarding house of Moscow University. He published such literary miscellanies as "Northern lyre (Северная лира), Galateya (Галатея)" and others. He was a tutor of a great Russian poet Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev.
During a visit to her female friend, Anna meets Nikolai Egorovich Kushakov, a lonely disabled war veteran. Their love affair turns into a full-fledged marriage, and at first it seems to Anna that her personal life is finally put in order. Private flat, furniture, fridge – all these symbols of an "affluent" life are obtained by Nikolai Egorovich which pleases Anna very much. But the seemingly happy marriage falls apart; Kushakov leaves the family, because living together with a narcissistic philistine becomes unbearable for him. Her son, Yuri, fully supports his stepfather in the conflict and also leaves the house and goes to the Nakhimov Naval School. Soon in the village her old mother dies, and Anna is left completely alone...
Alexander Vladimirovich Varlamov (19 June 1904 in Simbirsk – 20 August 1990) was a Russian composer, arranger, and conductor. He played an instrumental role in popularizing jazz music in Russia during the 1930s, notably leading one of the nation's best jazz orchestras. He also composed many jazz works, and his more than 400 compositions include pieces for variety orchestra, songs, and music for films and cartoons. He was the great-grandson of Alexander Egorovich Varlamov.
The company has a history that can trace its roots back to Vladimir Egorovich Fedorov's first fibreglass motor glider, the Fedorov Istra. Fedorov was born in 1937 and graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute with a PhD in aerodynamics. He later went on to work on the Buran program. The Istra was designed in 1970 and completed in 1974 as part of his sport flying with the Second Moscow Aeroclub and he and club members experimented with it for ten years.
Maximilian Egorovich Messmacher (also referred to as Maximilian von Messmacher) () (1842–1906) was a Russian architect of German ancestry. He attended the School of Painting of St. Petersburg Society for the Encouragement of Arts and thereafter the Imperial Academy of Arts, graduating in 1866. He was Professor of artistic and industrial painting as well as the history of decorative styles. He also developed a coherent system of academic training in arts. His main activities are however related to architecture and interior decoration. He engaged in the architecture and interior decoration of palaces of the members of the imperial family and of the mansions of aristocrats, as well as of several churches.