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eigendecomposition              eigensystem              pseudoinverse              eigenstructure              nomography              psychometrika              biometrika              vandermonde              diagonalisation              eigenpairs              sparsification              diagonalizing              parafac              factorizing              tridiagonal              jacobi              coocurrence              eigenbasis              multifractal              neyman              jacobians              jacobian              fastica              eigensolver              smorynski              bewig              paraunitary              factorizations              chemometr              nipals              multilinear              cholesky              eigenvoice              beylkin              haralick              eigenspectrum              hosvd              kotz              glcm              eigenmatrix              eshelby              eigenmaps              grassmann              plstoolbox              mardia              factorisation              nullspace              eignevalues              covariances              matrixm             

Examples of "eigenanalysis"
Edelman's research interests include high-performance computing, numerical computation, linear algebra, and stochastic eigenanalysis (random matrix theory).
The Zimm-Bragg and Lifson–Roig models are but the first two in a series of analogous transfer-matrix methods in polymer science that have also been applied to nucleic acids and branched polymers. The transfer-matrix approach is especially elegant for homopolymers, since the statistical mechanics may be solved exactly using a simple eigenanalysis.
where "tr" denotes the matrix trace. In either case, the partition function may be solved exactly using eigenanalysis. If the matrices are all the same matrix W, the partition function may be approximated as the "N" power of the largest eigenvalue of W, since the trace is the sum of the eigenvalues and the eigenvalues of the product of two diagonal matrices equals the product of their individual eigenvalues.
In quantum mechanics, a system of particles can be described in terms of an "energy functional" or Hamiltonian, which will measure the energy of any proposed configuration of said particles. It turns out that certain privileged configurations are more likely than other configurations, and this has to do with the eigenanalysis ("analysis of characteristics") of this Hamiltonian system. Because it is often impossible to analyze all of the infinite configurations of particles to find the one with the least amount of energy, it becomes essential to be able to approximate this Hamiltonian in some way for the purpose of numerical computations.