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erotas              agapo              stin              eimai              erota              stigmi              agapes              koritsia              stigmes              tragoudi              agapis              tragoudia              nihta              kosmou              hronia              kardia              mazi              chronia              apopse              kalimera              asteri              poios              megales              giati              voskopoulos              paidi              mousiki              tipota              treli              itan              nychta              epitihies              pethaino              nyhta              ellada              koritsi              rantevou              oneira              paradisou              akoma              apenanti              eheis              horis              prodosia              fotia              tsotou              tragouda              psema              agapas              ksana             

Examples of "einai"
On 9 October 2010, Vissi released the single "Agapi Einai Esi". The music and lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas, the song being their first collaboration in four years. On 24 October, she released a three-track CD single titled "Agapi Einai Esi" packaged with newspaper "Real News" nationwide, while on 19 December she released the new studio album "Agapi Einai Esi".
38. Einai gata o giatros (1986) (V) ... Tasos Hatzikostas
Reviewers spotted parallels between the "Einai" universe and the universe of "" as soon as the first book in the series was published. The Einai novels feature Captain Paul Riker, commander of the Galactic Federation starship "USS Skipjack", and his half-human half-Einai telepathic Science Officer Dao Marik; which reviewers directly compared to Captain James T. Kirk, the United Federation of Planets starship USS Enterprise, and the Enterprise's half-human half-Vulcan telepathic Science Officer Spock.
"I Zoi Einai Oraia" was the Greek entry for the 2007 Mediterranean Song Contest.
"To Paichnidi Einai Pleon Diko Mou" (Greek:Το Παιχνίδι Είναι Πλέον Δικό Μου; ) is a CD single by popular Greek artist Thanos Petrelis released on December 2008 by Heaven Music. It supported by a Casino Rio advertisement, where the music video of the song "To Paichnidi Einai Pleon Diko Mou" was filmed, co-starring Phoebus and Olga Farmaki and directed by Manolis Tzirakis
After a studio collaboration with George Dalaras on his album 'Ti Tha Pei Etsi Einai', Andriana toured with him throughout Greece and Cyprus.
Simon Lang is the nom de plume of science fiction writer, speaker, and grandmother Darlene Artell Hartman (born 1934). Her principal works are the "Einai series".
After his death, over 140 of the Halachic questions posed to him were published in a collection of responsa entitled "Mnahir Einai Chachamim".
Heaven Is Ours (Greek: Oi ouranoi einai dikoi mas) is a 1953 Greek drama film directed by Dinos Dimopoulos and starring Antigoni Valakou, Aleka Katselli and Alekos Alexandrakis.
In March 2000, Remos performed the title song of the movie ""I Agapi Einai Elefantas"" ("Love is an elephant") written by Minos Matsas. The soundtrack gained gold status.
Ola Einai Endaxi (Greek: "Όλα Είναι Εντάξει"; English: "Everything is alright") is the 15th studio album by Greek singer-songwriter and record producer Nikos Karvelas, released by Sony Music Greece in 2000.
In December 2006 they released their latest LP so far, titled "Tipota den einai opos fainetai", from which songs such as "An m'agapas", "Kaseta" (lyrics by Efstathia), and "Perasmena mesanihta" stood out.
Black is the Night (, "Mavri einai i nychta") or The Klepht (, "O Kleftis") is a marching song of the Hellenic Army. The lyrics are by Alexandros Rizos Rangavis. The music is based on a Bavarian military march.
To Pathos Einai Aformi (Greek: "Το Πάθος Είναι Αφορμή"; English: "Passion is a motive") is the title of the tenth studio album by the popular Greek artist Peggy Zina, released on May 23, 2009, by Minos EMI.
According to an article in Sha'a Tova magazine (March 2014), Ginsburgh follows Chassidut practices in his teaching style and is proficient in many aspects of Chassidic literature. He delivers classes in Israel, and has lectured in the United States and other countries including France, Canada and England. Ginsburgh publishes original works on Kabbalah and Chassidut that discuss a range of topics, including commentaries on the Chumash and the relationship between Torah and science. His books are published by the not-for-profit Gal Einai Institute, founded by Ginsburgh in 1991. The Hebrew name Gal Einai is taken from Psalms 119:18, meaning "Open my eyes."
Aristotle moves the Forms of Plato to the nucleus of the individual thing, which is called "ousía" or substance. Essence is the "tí" of the thing, the "to tí en einai". Essence corresponds to the ousia's definition; essence is a real and physical aspect of the ousia (Aristotle, "Metaphysics", I).
In 1988, she made her debut as a radio producer on ANT1 Radio. Her radio program was titled after one of her songs "Ta Koritsia Einai Atakta" ("Girls Are Naughty") and was aired every weekend. In the same year, she participated with the song "Klaio" ("I'm Crying") at the Greek National Final for Eurovision Song Contest, finishing third.
Some of the shows hosted at the Athens Arena are: Marinella & Antonis Remos - "Ta Logia Einai Peritta" (2006), Marinella & Antonis Remos - "S' Ena Tango" (2007), Antonis Remos - "Day+Night" (2008), Anna Vissi - "The Fabulous Show" (2009), Anna Vissi & Sakis Rouvas - "Face2Face Show" (2010).
Meir Lublin or Meir ben Gedalia (1558 – 1616) was a Polish rabbi, Talmudist and Posek ("decisor of Jewish law"). He is well known for his commentary on the Talmud, "Meir Einai Chachamim". He is also referred to as Maharam (Hebrew acronym: "Our Teacher, Rabbi Meir").
Adjectives agree with nouns in gender, case and number. Therefore, each adjective has a threefold declension paradigm for the three genders. Adjectives show agreement both when they are used as attributes, e.g. η όμορφη γυναίκα ("i omorfi gynaika", "the beautiful woman") and when they are used as predicates e.g. η γυναίκα είναι όμορφη ("i gynaika einai omorfi", "the woman is beautiful").