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gefangene              enthaltend              nationalepos              teutschen              sirarpie              beschaffenheit              silbernen              herkunft              abriss              lachende              griechischer              forschungsreise              zeugnisse              fortsetzung              geographisch              gantze              geistlichen              auff              verschiedene              gemeinen              andern              wirken              heutigen              verschiedenen              provinzen              westlichen              verteidigung              ihrem              brivele              israeliten              ihres              beziehung              unterbrochene              asthetik              aufstand              aufruhr              rettung              verliebte              unbekannte              augenzeuge              magische              tunkeler              nebst              zeugen              begriffe              vejrer              christenheit              epische              heiligtum              musikalisch             

Examples of "einzug"
Her television credits include "Schloss Einstein" and "Einzug ins Paradies".
Einzug ins Paradies was a six-part East German television series, which dealt with the lives of five families who moved into a newly constructed apartment building.
"Entrance of the Gladiators" op. 68 or "Entry of the Gladiators" (Czech: "Vjezd gladiátorů", German: "Einzug der Gladiatoren") is a military march composed in 1897 by the Czech composer Julius Fučík. He originally titled it "Grande Marche Chromatique," reflecting the use of chromatic scales throughout the piece, but changed the title based on his personal interest in the Roman Empire.
Following the position in Vienna, Thiersch was employed in Rome by Simon Sinas, a Greek philanthropist, for whom he produced a number of works on mythological and religious subjects, including "Charon als Seelenführer", "Bakchos' Einzug in den Hain von Kolonos", and "Thetis' Klage um Achilleus".
He also painted in oils, several of which are presently located at galleries in Karlsruhe, Munich, Mainz and Leipzig. These works include "Schlacht des Arminius" (Battle of Arminius) and "Einzug Ottos des Großen in das befreite Augsburg am Abend nach dem Sieg auf dem Lechfeld" (Entry of Otto the Great into Augsburg after victory at Lechfeld). In 1848 he was commissioned as court painter at Meiningen, but died soon afterwards at the age of 42.
Rahl's style, especially his views on color and perspective, were largely formed during his years in Rome. He returned after 1843 to Vienna for two years, and then led an itinerant life for the next five years, traveling through Holstein, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, and Munich, making a living as a portrait painter. In this period he painted "Manfreds Einzug in Luceria" (1846), and "die Christenverfolgung in den Katakomben".
In all, 12 TUNED replicas were produced, each designated as AR, i.e., "Alita Replicas" (GR in the Japanese version, i.e., "Gally Replicas") 1-12, whereas Alita herself was designated as A-1 (G-1). All TUNED replicas have or had knowledge of basic Panzer Kunst and are able to use special attacks like the Hertza Haeon (Sechs used it in a puppet body as well as in his Fizziroy Body) and Einzug Rüstungen (AR-2 used it against Alita). The following replicas have appeared as characters in the original series and "Last Order".
In 1897, he rejoined the army as the bandmaster for the 86th Infantry Regiment based in Sarajevo. Shortly after, he wrote his most famous piece, the "Einzug der Gladiatoren" or "Entrance of the Gladiators". Fučík's interest in Roman history led him to name the march as he did. In 1910 Canadian composer Louis-Phillipe Laurendeau arranged "Entrance of the Gladiators" for a small band under the title "Thunder and Blazes." It is in this version that the piece is most familiar, universally associated with the appearance of the clowns in a circus performance.
Upon his return to Berlin Karl Oenike pursued a career as landscape painter, mainly in northern Europe. He was commissioned to paint castles, sceneries, reproduce historic scenes, etc. and participated in several exhibitions. He was a very prolific artist, using various techniques like engraving, watercolor, oil painting, etc. His best known artwork is “Einzug der Pilger”, an engraving showing the entry of pilgrims into the village of Bethlehem around 1894, which has been widely reproduced in diverse publications. But actually most of his work was landscape painting, where he depicted his "personal vision of nature".
There is no complete listing of his work, but we can mention the following paintings which are mentioned in recent auction house listings: The arrival of the Pilgrims (Einzug der Pilger); By the water’s edge; Summer lake with lillies and reeds; High Mountain grove; Botanical Gardens- Rio de Janeiro; Landscape with river and figure; French river landscape with large trees and woman walking; Palms in the jungle of Paraguay (Palmenlichtung im Urwald von Paraguay); Figures in Paraguayan landscape; Old oaks; Oven by the wood; Bavarian moor; San Bernardino-Paraguay; Landscape of Argentina, Big Tree and some men (Motiv aus Argentinien); Oberburg Manderscheid; Hain im Riesengebirge; William Tell; Bondgard; Am Waldsaum; Waldlichtung; Pappeln am Menkiner See; Bispinger, Feldweg auf einer Bergkuppe und Bauernhaus; Dorfschmiede by Menkin, Uckermark; Schloss Dyck; Brazilian Mountain Lake (Brasilianischer Bergsee); In the mountains of Cordoba in Argentina (In den Bergen von Cordoba in Argentinien);
Zuhause im Glück – Unser Einzug in ein neues Leben (English: Happy at home – moving into a new life) - is a German television series, which is aired at 8:15 pm every Tuesday on RTL II. The first show could be watched on TV on 4 October 2005. On 2 November 2010 the 100th episode was aired. The concept of the show is based on the US-American show "", which is produced by the TV channel ABC. In this TV show, it is shown how the interior architect Eva Brenner and architect John Kosmalla, as well as approximately 15 workers per show reconstruct diverse rooms in a house within 8 days that was affected by an unlucky incident. That is the reason why families often found themselves in a difficult situation. During the reconstruction work the family will stay in a hotel and is not allowed to get in touch with the building site. In 2009 Eva Brenner and John Kosmalla were supported by Natalie Nguyen-Ton, Christopher Brenner and Daniel Kraft, as well as by a new craftsmen team.