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irini              dimitra              aikaterini              angeliki              vasiliki              ioanna              panagiota              konstantina              papadopoulou              evangelia              voula              antigoni              patoulidou              athanasia              nikoleta              aggeliki              afroditi              giota              stikoudi              karagianni              natasa              chrysoula              kavarnou              papahristou              eleni              avramidou              papoulia              natassa              galani              nikoletta              kalliopi              protopappa              fotini              evdokia              areti              hristiana              stavroula              arvaniti              andreou              eleftheria              evagelia              roumpesi              solomou              asimakopoulou              lambrou              theodoridou              dionysis              vassiliki              plevritou              anthi             

Examples of "eirini"
Agia Eirini is the starting point of the Agia Eirini Gorge. In Tsiskiana is located the Byzantine church of Agios Eftychis, who is the patron saint of the whole Selino region.
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Agia Eirini (, for Saint Irene) may refer to several places in Cyprus and Greece:
He was married to Eirini Marinaki (née Karakatsani) and had a son, Evangelos Marinakis.
Eirini Nikolopoulou has been very active in women’s matters and promoting women in the Greek and European Politics.
Eirini Stachtiari (born 27 July 1977) is a Greek former basketball player who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
Eirini “Absinthe Green” Papadopoulou (born August 13, 1986, in Athens, Greece) is a female singer and bassist.
In 1990 Eirini Nikolopoulou was married to architect Myron Toupoyiannis and in 1993 they had a daughter, Elena.
In April 2011 there was a line up change:Alla Fedynitch was replaced by Eirini "Absinthe Green" who took on the bass duties for the band. Eirini made her live debut with Enemy Of The Sun in Dortmund at the Rock in den Ruinen Festival on 30 April 2011.
In 1710 or 1711 (sources vary) the Russian-born Swiss physician and Greek teacher Eirini d'Eyrinys (also spelled as Eirini d'Eirinis) discovered asphaltum at Val-de-Travers, (Neuchâtel). He established a bitumen mine "de la Presta" there in 1719 that operated until 1986.
In April 2006 Eirini won the title Miss Hellas (Μις Ελλάς). She represented Greece at the Miss World 2006 pageant on September 30, 2006 in Warsaw, Poland.
Although the gorge of Agia Eirini is less spectacular than the gorge of Samariá, it is far less crowded and very beautiful.
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In 2012, Attiko Metro S.A. included Psalidi metro station in the Athens Regulatory Plan. The new station will be sited between Iraklio and Eirini.
Eirini-Marina Alexandri (born 15 September 1997) is an Austrian synchronized swimmer. She competed in the women's duet at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Eirini Kavarnou (, born July 5, 1980) is a Greek swimmer. She competed in the 100 meter Butterfly at both the 2004 and 2008 Olympics
Agia Eirini or Agia Irini () is a village located in Nicosia District, approximately 5 km east of Kakopetria in the Troodos mountains.
Eirini Aindili (; born 11 March 1983 in Euboia) is a Greek rhythmic gymnast. She won a bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
The importance of Agia Eirini lies in that constitutes the north end of the gorge that takes its name from this village. The gorge is popular with trekkers, bringing tourists north from the beach resort of Sougia where it ends. The valley itself continues some distance north of the village to the watershed dividing north and southern Crete. After pausing at Agia Eirini, the walk continues east to Omalos.