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Examples of "elash"
Daniel "Deke" Frontino Elash (born January 2, 1968) is an American zine editor, musician, actor, activist and historian.
The mediaeval Hebrew compilation, the "Chronicles of Jerahmeel", aside from quoting "Yosippon" as above, also provides a separate tradition of Tiras' sons elsewhere, naming them as "Maakh, Tabel, Bal’anah, Shampla, Meah", and "Elash". This material was ultimately derived from Pseudo-Philo (ca. 75 AD), extant copies of which list Tiras' sons as "Maac, Tabel, Ballana, Samplameac", and "Elaz".
Rebecca Radich, the former staffer who filed the original ethics complaint, discussed the staff organizing political mailings and skipping work hours during elections to hold campaign signs and wave at motorists along Routes 28 and 8. Under cross examination Radich said that she had done so under direction from Habay, a statement that Habay attorney John Elash likened to the Nuremberg Defense, made famous by "soldiers under the Third Reich."