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roswitha              waltraud              cordula              frauke              almut              birte              wiebke              svenja              lieselotte              annerose              maike              annegret              dorothee              heidemarie              imke              mareike              jutta              beate              verena              antje              ulrike              hannelore              trude              kathrin              irmgard              annelie              rebekka              gesine              sigrun              arved              mascha              margrit              tabea              renate              hanspeter              hiltrud              christl              steinbauer              zingerle              elfriede              dietze              czerwenka              friedhelm              susen              katrin              angelika              hellmut              traute              edeltraud              elfgard             

Examples of "elfi"
Elfi, Elfie and Elphie are feminine given names. Elfi is also a short form (hypocorism) of Elfriede. The name may refer to:
Elfi Schlegel-Dunn (born 17 May 1964), née Elfi Schlegel, is a sportscaster for NBC Sports and a former college and national champion gymnast from Canada.
Elfi Heidemann: In both the novel and the film, Elfi is a nurse stationed in Berlin. In the book, Elfi is an alcoholic who overcomes her addiction with the assistance of Doctor von Klugermann. Stachel recognises Elfi as his kindred spirit, and after Heidemann's death, seeks to form a relationship with her. Käti literally stops him at Elfi's door, forcing Stachel to marry her instead. Stachel ruefully accepts his fate to return to Käti and alcoholism.
The singer Elfi Graf (born 1952), lives in Götzis.
When World War II began in 1939, Zora and Elfi were married, just as Duntov and his brother joined the French Air Force. When France surrendered, Duntov obtained exit visas from the Spanish consulate in Marseilles, not only for Elfi and himself, but for his brother and parents as well. Elfi, who was still living in Paris at the time, made a dramatic dash to Bordeaux in her MG just ahead of the advancing Nazi troops. In the meantime, Duntov and Yura hid in a bordello. Five days later, Elfi met up with Duntov and his family and later they boarded a ship in Portugal bound for New York.
Elfi Graf (born Elfriede Rupp 20 November 1952 in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg) is an Austrian Schlagersinger.
'Elfi' is a hybrid cultivar of the genus "Vriesea" in the Bromeliad family.
Elfriede "Elfi" Eder (born 5 January 1970 in Leogang) is a former alpine skier from Austria.
Birgit Hein, Elfi Mikesch, Nelly Kaplan, Catherine Breillat and Barbara Hammer are some of the directors to be remembered.
Elfriede "Elfi" von Dassanowsky (February 2, 1924October 2, 2007) was an Austrian-born singer, pianist and film producer.
The Frog Museum was privately founded in Basel in 1981/82 by Elfi and Rolf Rindlisbacher with about 500 exhibits.
The Elfi von Dassanowsky Rose (a tea-rose – floribunda hybrid) also known as the "Elfi" was created by Brad Jalbert of Canada in 2009. It was included in the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at the New York Botanical Garden in Spring 2013.
The show (which went out at 10:35pm) was presented by Jimmy Savile and Elfi Von Kalckreuth. The two presenters introduced each act (with the exception of Cliff Richard), but neither was present in the studio recording with the artists, their links being added later. Savile spoke English, whereas Elfi Von Kalckreuth speaks in German throughout.
Elfi Zinn, née Rost (born 24 August 1953 in Rathebur) is a German middle distance runner who specialized in the 800 metres.
Since 2008, Dassanowsky has been the director of the Elfi von Dassanowsky Foundation, established in memory of his mother. In addition to various other grants, the Foundation annually sponsors the juried Elfi von Dassanowsky Prize (1,000 Euros) for a work by a female filmmaker, which was first presented to Norwegian artist Inger Lise Hansen for "Parallax" (2009) at the Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival in June 2010.
In May 2010, the Südschleswigsche Wählerverband, SSW nominated him as a candidate for the mayoral election of Flensburg on October 31, 2010. In the first round of election he was second to Elfi Heesch (CDU und Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, 25.1%) with 19.4% of the votes and before Thede Boysen (SPD, 18.2%). During the second round of election on November 21, 2010, he won (with 54.8%) through Elfi Heesch (45.2%).
The Elite Football League of India (ELFI) – an American gridiron football competition slated for a Fall 2012 kickoff – has announced that the Pune Marathas will be a member-franchise.
Bernhard Hennens "Die Elfen" series was translated into Dutch (De Elfen), Italian (Gli Elfi), French (Les Elfes), Czech (Elfové), Spanish (Los Elfos), Portuguese (Os Elfos) Russian (Эльфы), Ukrainian (Ельфи) and English (The Elven).
From 2010 he joined the trio with Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer (vocals), and Elfi Sverdrup (vocals) and Lars Andreas Haug (tuba), and the band became a quartet. They released the album "Akku 5" (2011).
The first phase of this project was complete in late January 2009, when the "Elfi von Dassanowsky Fund" initiated its program of charitable contributions to non-profit organizations in the U.S. and Europe.