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Examples of "elisavet"
Elisavet Pesiridou (; born 12 February 1992) is a Greek hurdler.
He has collaborated with many famous Greek music artists, such as Lefteris Pantazis, Angela Dimitriou, Elisavet Spanou etc.
Elisavet "Elli" Mystakidou (; born August 14, 1977 in Giannitsa) is a Greek taekwondo practitioner and Olympic medalist. She participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens where she earned a silver medal in the under 67 kg division.
Elisavet (or Elisabet or Elsi) Spathari () is a Greek archaeologist and author. She is Honorary Director Emeritus of Ministry of Culture in Greece and has written several books about Ancient Greece.
Damiano () is a small village outside the town of Giannitsa, in Greece's Pella regional unit. The village, of only about one hundred people, is famous for the agricultural regions around it, and its church of Ayios Dimitrios. The village is the birthplace of Elisavet Mystakidou, who won a silver medal in tae kwon do at the Athens 2004 Olympics.
The celebrities who were competed this season were 8 women and 6 men; Christina Aloupi, Maria Iliaki, Nikoleta Karra, Niki Kartsona, Morfoula Ntona, Eirini Papadopoulou, Thalia Prokopiou, Elisavet Spanou, Theoxaris Ioannidis, Fanis Lampropoulos, Thanos Petrelis, Christos Spanos, Triantafyllos and Thanasis Viskadourakis. The professional partners were revealed on October 22, 2014.
Guler competed for the women's middleweight category (67 kg) at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, after defeating Greek taekwondo jin and Olympic silver medalist Elisavet Mystakidou in the final match of the European Qualification Tournament in Istanbul. She lost the first preliminary match to Argentina's Vanina Sánchez, who was able to score four points at the end of the game.
Philippines left Athens without a single Olympic medal for the second consecutive time. Among all the athletes, welterweight taekwondo jin Mary Antoinette Rivero only progressed further into the semifinals, where she lost the match to host nation's Elisavet Mystakidou and the second repechage bout to South Korea's Hwang Kyung-Seon, leaving the Filipino squad without a single Olympic medal for the second straight time.
China's Luo Wei narrowly outclassed the local favorite Elisavet Mystakidou of Greece in front of the raucous home crowd inside the Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Complex to capture the gold medal in the event at 7–6. Meanwhile, South Korean fighter Hwang Kyung-Seon, who lost to Luo early in the opening match, mounted her strength throughout the repechage rounds to score a vigorous 5–2 victory for the bronze over Guatemala's Heidy Juárez.
His wife, Lady Ramsay, granddaughter of Dr Andrew Marshall of Kirkintilloch, accompanied him in many of his journeys and is the author of "Everyday Life in Turkey" (1897) and "The Romance of Elisavet" (1899). He was a grandson of entrepreneur William Mitchell (1781–1854). Other relatives include Mary Ramsay and Agnis Margaret Ramsay who were responsible for contributing several photographs and illustrations in his work on "The Letters to the Seven Churches".
Bartasek qualified for her Aussie team in the women's welterweight class (67 kg) at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, by placing third and granting a berth from the Asian Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Bangkok, Thailand. She lost her opening match to Guatemala's Heidy Juárez with a score of 7–0. With Juarez losing her next bout to the local favorite Elisavet Mystakidou of Greece, Bartasek denied her chance to compete for an Olympic medal through the repechage.
The host nation Greece failed to add to the gold won by Michalis Mouroutsos at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, though Alexandros Nikolaidis and Elisavet Mystakidou both won silver. Chinese Taipei (i.e. Taiwan) won its first two gold medals ever at these events. Steven López of the United States and Chen Zhong of China each repeated as Olympic champions. Hadi Saei, Huang Chih-hsiung and Pascal Gentil also won medal for the second time.
After that "several tsars were ruling, and even more of queens" (Verse 56), Anna and ('a true gendarme') Biron getting a brief mention. The often quoted Verse 58 provides succinct overview of the most carefree period in post-Peter Russia: "Vesyo′laya tsaritza/Byla Yelisavet/Poyo′t y veseli′tsa/Poryadka tolko net". - A merry kind of queen was Queen Elisavet/She sings, she's having fun/And yet the Order's nil.)
Asunción Ocasio Rodríguez (born June 6, 1987) is a Puerto Rican taekwondo practitioner. Ocasio qualified for the women's 67 kg class at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, after placing third from the Pan American Qualification Tournament in Cali, Colombia. She defeated Greece's Elisavet Mystakidou and Germany's Helena Fromm in the first two rounds, before losing out the semi-final match by a unanimous decision to Canada's Karine Sergerie, with a score of 0–2. Ocasio automatically qualified for the bronze medal bout, where she narrowly lost Puerto Rico's first ever medal at these Olympic games by Croatia's Sandra Šarić, with a final score of 1–5.
Juarez qualified for the Guatemalan squad in the women's welterweight class (67 kg) at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, by placing second behind Puerto Rico's Ineabelle Díaz and granting a berth from the Pan American Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Querétaro, Mexico. She opened her match with a superb 7–0 victory over Australia's Caroline Bartasek, before dropping a 4–6 decision to the local favorite Elisavet Mystakidou of Greece by the powerful commotion of the home crowd in the quarterfinals. In the repechage rounds, Juarez came strong from her premature exit to edge New Zealand's Verina Wihongi 4–1, and then yielded her revenge over Puerto Rican fighter Ineabelle Díaz for a 5–2 victory to mount a chance for Guatemala's first ever Olympic medal, but she failed to salvage it in a 2–5 defeat to South Korea's Hwang Kyung-seon.
Elisavet Moutzan-Martinengou (also known as Moutza or Moutsan) (1801–1832) was born into a wealthy family in Zakynthos Town. She is widely considered to be the first woman prose-writer in demotic Greek, despite the fact that none of her writings were published during her lifetime. Tragically, most of these works were lost or destroyed in the fire that followed the earthquakes of 1953 in Zakynthos. Only some letters, a few fragments and excerpts, some poems, and her famous autobiography, "My Story" survived this fate. Written in 1826, Moutzan-Martinengou’s autobiography is considered the first case of protest against subjection and social exclusion imposed on women by Greek culture and society. She is often considered an early Greek feminist.
The fate of the see in the early Ottoman period is obscure: Metropolitan Amphilochius is mentioned as occupying the see until 1488, but it is unclear whether any bishop actually resided in the city, as this is not attested in the patriarchal ordinances ("berat") of 1483 and 1525. The historian Elisavet Zachariadou suggested that the seat of the metropolitan was moved at the time to Egridir, but this can not be verified. The see was definitely revived in the 17th century, as the patriarchal "berat" of 1625 once again refers to the city as the seat of a residential metropolitan. Iconium remained the seat of the metropolis until the 19th century, when it moved to Niğde, where the Greek Orthodox element was stronger. During the Ottoman period, the Metropolitan of Iconium also received the former metropolis of Tyana, whence his full title was "Metropolitan of Iconium and Tyana, "hypertimos" and exarch of all Lycaonia and Second Cappadocia".
Adamou renewed her co-operation with Sony Music Greece on 5 April 2013. She revealed during her interview at MTV that her new album would have the title "Eho Ourano" (I Have Sky). Her next single, released on 31 May 2013, was titled "Ponane Oi Agapes" (Loves Hurt). For a fourth consecutive year, Adamou performed at the MAD Video Music Awards with Anise K and Shaya the song "Walking on Air". As Sony Music Greece was shut down, her album's release was cancelled. In January 2014, Adamou announced during one of her concerts that she would be returning with a new song after the small "break". She also revealed that the release of the song would be special. On 4 April 2014, Adamou appeared at the 2014 MadWalk along with Elisavet Spanou and Courtney Parker, where they all performed "Sway" for the Red Dress Act.
(Elisavet Konstantinidou): Coming from a village in Northern Greece, the widow Zoumboulia lost her husband, Charalambos, in the crash. Her physician daughter got married to the son of a wealthy and snobby Athenian, Marilena Dorkofiki (Zoumboulia cannot pronounce her name correctly; she calls her "Marinella" after the famous Greek singer) and Zoumboulia moved to Athens to take care of her baby grandson, since her daughter and son in-law have temporarily moved to Boston. She often gets into serious confrontations with Marilena, who feels anything but delighted with Zoumboulia's presence. Her weird name is a cause of many misunderstandings and makes other people call her simply "Lia" or "Zoumbie". When in danger, she often resorts to religion and when agitated, she emits a high-pitched "iiiii" sound, slaps her lap and sometimes faints. She tends to drift off in long, nostalgic tales about her life in the village and the rural habits of her many friends there, who always have outlandish, descriptive nicknames (Maria the mad, John the lame, Fotini the shoemaker's daughter, etc.). Like Dahlia's, Zoumboulia's name comes from a flower, "zoumbouli" being a colloquial name for the hyacinth.
Asunción Ocasio Rodríguez represented Puerto Rico in taekwondo at the Beijing Olympics, and was the only female athlete from Puerto Rico that Games to represent the commonwealth in the sport. Born in June 1987, Ocasio participated in the Beijing Olympics at age 21 in the welterweight division, which includes athletes under 67 kilograms in weight. During the qualification round of the event, Ocasio faced Greek athlete Elisavet Mystakidou. Both athletes scored one point on the other, but Ocasio defeated Mystakidou and advanced to the next round. Ocasio received a bye and skipped the first round's repechage round. During the quarterfinal round, Ocasio again participated in the first match, this time facing German athlete Helena Fromm. In this match, the Puerto Rican athlete scored two points on Fromm, who scored none in return. Ocasio defeated her German opponent and progressed to the next round. During the semifinal round, Asunción Ocasio now faced Canada's Karine Sergerie. Sergerie scored two points on Ocasio, who did not score any in return. Thus, Ocasio's Canadian opponent progressed to the gold medal match, while she challenged Croatia's Sandra Saric for the bronze medal. Saric defeated Ocasio by scoring five points on her, while Ocasio was only able to return one. She placed fifth in the event, tying Australia's Tina Morgan.