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lancifolia              radlk              hirsuta              glabrescens              ellipticum              ciliata              campanulata              pedicellata              puberula              turcz              laxiflora              mucronata              auriculata              micrantha              sessiliflora              stricta              randia              subsessilis              lepidota              aculeata              caulescens              grewia              horrida              longiflora              hemsl              allophylus              albiflora              subulata              ambigua              calcicola              sprucei              decne              cuneifolia              zeyheri              calcarata              oliv              brassii              bracteata              retusa              hirtella              cuneata              setigera              guianensis              galpinii              spathulata              spectabilis              laevigatum              divaricata              caffra              forssk             

Examples of "elliptica"
Some species, notably "Garrya elliptica", are widely cultivated in gardens for their foliage and the catkins produced in late winter. They are frequently grown against a wall, or as a windbreak in coastal areas. Male plants are more widely grown, as their catkins are longer and more attractive; one such cultivar, "G. elliptica" 'James Roof', has catkins up to 35 cm long. The hybrids "G × issaquahensis" ("G. elliptica" × "G. fremontii") and "G × thuretii" ("G. elliptica" × "G. fadyenii") have been bred for garden planting.
This larvae feed on the fruit of "Secamone elliptica".
Syringic acid can be found in "Ardisia elliptica".
The larvae feed on "Ehretia elliptica" and "Cordia alliodora".
Cerrado species include "Alibertia elliptica", "Cupania oblongifolia" and "Miconia ferruginata".
Henry, stressing the differences between "U. elliptica" and "U. rubra", held (1913) that Späth's "U. Heyderi" was, by some error, "U. rubra". He believed that "U. elliptica" (1893) was described from Späth's "U. Heyderi", not from the Caucasus species, and that the "U. elliptica" of Koehne (1893), of Schneider (1904), and of Ascherson and Graebner (1911), was "U. fulva" [: "U. rubra"]. Späth's 1903 catalogue, indeed, queried whether "U. Heyderi" was after all synonymous with "U. elliptica" . By 1930 he had removed "U. Heyderi" from his catalogue but added "U. elliptica" , as a tree from the Causasus. Krussman (1983) concluded that the cultivation status of "U. elliptica" / "U. Heyderi" was uncertain, since it had been confused with "U. rubra". Green in his 'Registration of cultivar names in Ulmus' ignored "U. Heyderi", as a species synonym.
Persoonia elliptica, commonly known as snottygobble, is a shrub native to Western Australia.
Triclonella elliptica is a moth in the Cosmopterigidae family. It is found in Guyana and Brazil.
Wikstroemia elliptica is a shrub, of the family Thymelaeaceae. It is native to Guam and Micronesia.
Wallenia elliptica is a species of plant in the Primulaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica.
Pseudocordulia elliptica is a species of dragonfly in the family Pseudocorduliidae,
There is uncertainty about which family "Pseudocordulia elliptica" best belongs to: Pseudocorduliidae, Synthemistidae, or Corduliidae.
The larvae feed on "Terminalia elliptica", "Corymbia tesselaris" and "Lagerstroemia speciosa" species.
Brunellia elliptica is a species of plant in the Brunelliaceae family. It is endemic to Colombia.
Tabebuia elliptica is a species of "Tabebuia" tree native to Brazil and Bolivia.
Ophyx elliptica is a moth of the Erebidae family. It is found on the Solomon Islands.
Digitosa elliptica is a species of moth of the Tortricidae family. It is found in Madagascar.
Atuna elliptica is a species of plant in the Chrysobalanaceae family. It is endemic to Fiji.
Hechtia elliptica is a species in the genus "Hechtia". This species is endemic to Mexico.
Xerochlamys elliptica is a tree in the family Sarcolaenaceae. It is endemic to Madagascar.