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fredrikke              dorte              jytte              nicoline              turid              jensine              bolette              valborg              kirstine              ingunn              jorunn              merete              betjent              birgitte              lillemor              jensdatter              vigdis              aagot              dorthe              hartvig              vibeke              andrine              vilhelmine              bente              ejner              schytte              fjeldstad              olsdatter              sveinung              preben              eiler              solfrid              rolv              leganger              hastrup              lisbet              ingvaldsen              yngvar              fridolf              gitte              bratberg              annelie              berit              wenche              juul              hilding              bredal              valfrid              torleiv              halvard             

Examples of "elsebeth"
Skaalum married Elsebeth Helena Niclasen, and they were the parents of the teacher and politician Jens Pauli Skaalum.
Elsebeth Egholm (born 17 September 1960) is a Danish journalist and best-selling author who writes mainly crime fiction novels. She is known internationally as the creator of the television series "Those Who Kill".
Elsebeth Budolfsen is the daughter of the medical specialist Svend Erik Budolfsen and the physiotherapist Kirsten Elisabeth Larsen. She is the younger sister of the archaeologist and cultural historian Lise Hannestad (born 1943).
The jars are the work of the Danish abstract sculptor Peter Brandes (born 1944). They were commissioned by Elsebeth Stryhn of Stryhns Leverpostej, a local meat paste company, and presented to the city in 1998 on the occasion of Roskilde's 1,000th anniversary.
Sanna av Skarði was born in Tórshavn, the daughter of Jacob Jacobsen and Elsebeth Jacobsen née Djonesen. In 1901 she married Símun av Skarði, who co-founded the Faroese Folk High School () together with Rasmus Rasmussen in Klaksvík in 1899. She taught together with her husband at the school. She died in Tórshavn at the age of 101.
Nicholson traveled throughout his life and several of the minor characters in his books are based on real people that he encountered in his travels. Nicholson was married three times; his last wife, Elsebeth Egholm, is a Danish mystery novelist. The couple maintained residences on the island of Gozo and in Denmark.
Skaalum was born in Hvalba, the son of the teacher and politician Óli Niklái Skaalum and Elsebeth Helena Niclasen. He graduated from the Jonstrup Normal School () in Copenhagen as a primary school teacher in 1914, and then taught in Porkeri from 1914 to 1920 and in Hvalba from 1920 to 1960. He was married to Astrid Larsen from Porkeri.
On 11 October 1881 William Sloan married Elsebeth (Elspa) Isaksen í Geil from Tórshavn, in Glasgow. William and Elspa Sloan had six children: Poul (born 1882), Elisabeth (Betty) (born 1887), Archibald (born 1890), Cathrine (born 1892), Anna Elisabeth (born 1895) and Andrew (born 1896).
A fellow party member from Khader's party Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen reported Ahmed Akkari to the police. Ahmed Akkari initially denied the statements, but later apologized and stated it was meant as a joke. The following day, 24 March 2006, Islamisk Trossamfund announced that Ahmed Akkari was no longer spokesman for the organization; Akkari denied this.
The jars are the work of the Danish abstract sculptor Peter Brandes (born 1944). They were commissioned by Elsebeth Stryhn of Stryhns Leverpostej, a local meat paste company, and presented to the city in 1998 on the occasion of Roskilde's 1,000th anniversary.
In the women's doubles tournament she and her partner Elsebeth Brehm were eliminated in the quarter-finals after losing their match to Marie Storms and Fernande Arendt. Hansen also participated in the singles competition but was eliminated in the second round after losing her match to Élisabeth d'Ayen
Per Brinch Hansen was born in Frederiksberg, an enclave surrounded by Copenhagen, Denmark. His father, , worked as a civil engineer, becoming a leading expert in soil mechanics, and later accepting a professorship at Technical University of Denmark. His mother, Elsebeth Brinch Hansen (née Ring), was the daughter of Danish composer Oluf Ring and worked as a hairdresser before marrying.
Dicte (broadcast in the UK as Dicte – Crime Reporter) is a Danish series starring Iben Hjejle as crime reporter Dicte Svendsen, who has returned to her hometown of Aarhus following a divorce. The series is based on Danish author Elsebeth Egholm's series of novels about the title character. It is broadcast in Denmark on TV2 Danmark.
The series is created and written by Elsebeth Egholm and Stefan Jaworski, with various other screenwriters helping out as episode writers, among them Siv Rajendram, Rikke De Fine Licht and Morten Dragsted. Directors have been Birger Larsen, Niels Nørløv and Kasper Barfoed. The series is a Danish-German-Swedish-Norwegian co-production.
In 1580 Magnus met a Norwegian noble lady Margrethe Axeldatter Gyntersberg or von Güntersberg (1565–1589). They had a child Mogensbarn that died as child. They did not marry, because she accused him of rape. The noble family then demanded that he marry Margrethe's younger sister, Sophie Axeldatter Gynhterberg (1566–1607). They married in 1582 in Bergenhus, Bergen and had one daughter, Elsebeth Magnusdatter (1584–1645). She later married Anders Matsen Ǣnes and lived at Ǣnes in the Hardangerfjord in Norway.
The Poster Museum was founded in 1993 and Stougaards collection was donated to the museum where it remains central to the exhibit and overall collection. In 2006 the museum moved into buildings in the Old Town museum. The entrance to the museum is a pavilion from the Danish National Exhibition of 1909 but the interior is a modern complex in two stories, designed by the architects firm C.F. Møller. In September 2012 Elsebeth Aasted Schanz was appointed to the position of museum director.
Former notable students of Jutland Art Academy includes the performance artists Lene Adler Petersen, Uwe Max Jensen, Peter Callesen (lately known for his masterly papercuts), video artist duo Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, the painters Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen and Poul Anker Bech, public and environmental artist Nis Rømer, graffiti and activist based artist Jan Danebod, to name a few. Lecturers include visual artists Jørgen Michaelse, Ebbe Stub Wittrup, Elsebeth Jørgensen, Florian Zeyfang and Nanna Gro Henningsen.
Elsebeth Budolfsen (born 8 March 1947) is a Danish pharmacist and business executive. She has held top management positions in several Danish companies over the past 20 years, including managing director of ALK-Abelló, Christian Hansen Holding and Novo. As of September 2015, she heads the biotechnology company T-cellic (a.k.a.Torsana Oncology Systems) while serving on the board of directors of over a dozen private companies and public organizations, including DONG Energy, Danske Bank and the Risø Research Centre.
Henrik Old is married to Elsebeth Old (born í Gong, daughter of Petur í Gong who was a member of the City Council of Tórshavn from 1957 - 1996), together they have four children. His parents were Henrikka and Dennis William Connor Old, his father was British. His mother died at a young age, and after that he was raised by his fosterparents Inger and Johannes Joensen.
The museum's first curator was Axel Nilsson, who also participated in the construction of the museum. The curators that succeeded him were Gustaf Munthe in 1924, Göran Axel-Nilsson in 1946, Jan Brunius in 1972, Christian Axel-Nilsson in 1986, Helena Dahlbäck Lutteman in 1996, Lasse Brunnström in 1998, Elsebeth Welander-Berggren in 2000 and Ted Hesselbom in 2007. In January 2013 Tom Hedqvist was appointed as the new Museum Director.