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Examples of "elyma"
Ensemble Elyma is an early music ensemble specialising in the baroque musical heritage of Latin America, led by Gabriel Garrido.
Torrejón y Velasco: "La púrpura de la rosa " - Ensemble Elyma, Madrigalists and chorus of the Teatro de la Zarzuela
With his friend and compatriot Gabriel Garrido (Elyma Ensemble in French), and for more than ten years, he organised the early music classes at Neuburg an der Donau.
From 1977 he was a teacher at the "Centre de Musique Ancienne" at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève, where in 1981 he founded Ensemble Elyma a performance and research ensemble. He has a long working relationship with the "Studio di Musica Antica Antonio Il Verso" of Palermo.
He has also performed as a basso continuo player, as a member of such ensembles as Elyma, Hesperion XXI, Ensemble Baroque de Limoges, La Grande Écurie et la Chambre du Roy, Aurora, Concerto Italiano, Labyrinto, The Rare Fruits Council, Café Zimmermann, Les Sacqueboutiers, Ricercar Consort, „Stylus Phantasticus“ and his own ensemble La Chimera. He has also accompanied artists such as Furio Zanasi, Emma Kirkby, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Rolf Lislevand, Victor Torres inter alia.
Aratrum is the Latin word for ard, and "arotron" (ἄροτρον) is the Greek word. The Greeks appear to have had several kinds of ard from the records. Hesiod advised the farmer to always have two ards handy, so that if one broke the other could replace it. These ards should be of two kinds. The first was the body- or crook-ard, called "autoguos" (αυτογυος, "self-limbed"), in which the stilt (Gk "echetle"; Lat "stiva") was of the same piece of timber as the ard-head (Gk "elyma"; Lat "dentale") and the draft-beam (Gk "histoboeus"; Lat "buris"). The second was the sole-ard, called "pekton" (πηκτον, "fixed"), because in it three parts (stilt + sole (Gk "gyes") + beam), which were of three kinds of timber, were adjusted to one another and fastened together by nails.
Tubéry originally studied recorder at his home town Toulouse and then at the Amsterdam Conservatory, but decided to switch to cornet and undertook studies with Bruce Dickey at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. During the 1980s and 1990s he performed with almost all of the well known early music ensembles of the period including Les Arts Florissants under William Christie, La Petite Bande under Sigiswald Kuijken, the Clemencic Consort of René Clemencic, Hesperion XXI under Jordi Savall, as well as the Ensemble Clément Janequin of Dominique Visse, Collegium Vocale de Gand for Philippe Herreweghe, Concerto Vocale of René Jacobs, the Huelgas Ensemble of Paul Van Nevel, Cantus Cölln and Konrad Junghänel, The Ensemble Elyma of Gabriel Garrido and so on.