Synonyms for embittered or Related words with embittered

dispirited              disheartened              resentful              despondent              unnerved              apathetic              indignant              overbearing              uncaring              exasperated              disillusioned              unsympathetic              complacent              disgusted              insubordinate              arrogant              uncommunicative              unrepentant              obstinate              idealistic              infuriated              unmotivated              unfazed              distrustful              ambivalent              demoralized              amoral              despairing              enraged              humiliated              embarrassed              traumatised              irate              remorseful              vindictive              tormented              egotistical              incredulous              mistrustful              opportunist              incensed              overconfident              impotent              indecisive              rebellious              isolationist              distrusted              dejected              dismayed              ostracized             

Examples of "embittered"
God's Healing – Vincent Price plays a priest who heals an old woman's embittered heart.
Exonerated in 1869, Benjamin died an embittered man sometime in the 1870s.
He died some 15 years later in Soest, embittered and still believing in his innocence.
The Hammer is an embittered Jewish anti-hero who opposes Catholicism.
Zapolska created acrimonious and embittered literary characters, such as those in her best-known works, "Moralność pani Dulskiej",
Embittered, Rebay retreated from public life and spent her final years at her estate in Westport, Connecticut.
The black peril' scares 'embittered race relations' in South Africa during the years before the First World
Difficulties and troubles of an ex-convict. Embittered and disillusioned by life, he will soon plan his return to prison.
Black and mixed-race South Africans who had supported the war were embittered when postwar South Africa saw no easing of white domination and racial segregation.
In her version of La Fontaine's Fables, Marianne Moore underlines his ironical comment on the situation in a final pun, "Better, I think, than an embittered whine".
Sir Rex Harrison portrayed Kirill as an embittered and dangerous enemy to Anna Anderson, who notoriously claimed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia in the 1986 miniseries "".
Auerbach died at Cannes shortly before his 70th birthday. His life was uneventful, though embittered at the close by the growth of German anti-Semitism.
Reportedly embittered by his experience, he readily enlisted as a crew member under Dutch buccaneer Captain Moyse Van Vin that same year.
Although Stone nurtured Faulkner's early literary efforts, he did not entirely appreciate Faulkner's more mature works. As Faulkner's eminence as a writer grew, Stone became increasingly embittered.
He appears as an embittered older prostitute and narrator in the 2011 stage show "Cleveland Street: The Musical" by Glenn Chandler and Matt Devereaux
The Shadows and the Vorlons began to fight among themselves, and those who tried to mediate, like the Walkers of Sigma 957, left the conflict embittered.
Embittered by his defeat, Tora blamed Indo-Fijian voters for rejecting him. He resigned from PANU and became a vocal opponent of the new Chaudhry government.
When a local dating agency sends Lisa's photo to David's slacker friend Matt (Christopher Coghill), David sets out to win back his embittered ex by any means necessary.
James Daley is a local junior high school principal; his brother Tom is an unsuccessful, embittered, cynical alcoholic and ne'er-do-well writer.
In June 2011, former Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern blamed "embittered Cuban exiles in Miami" for keeping the embargo alive. Before visiting Cuba, he said: