Synonyms for emmotropic or Related words with emmotropic

ametropic              emmetropic              monocularly              nearsighted              emmetropia              farsighted              cataracteous              emetropic              anisometropic              amblyopic              presbyopic              emmotropia              hypermetropic              pseudophakic              keratoconic              presbyope              dropscompound              emmetrope              emmetropes              binocularly              nearsightedness              visus              ammetropia              farsightedness              presbyopes              hyperopic              longsighted              emotropic              ametropia              gonioscopy              binocularity              pseudoaphakic              monovision              ptotic              strabismic              anisometropia              cyclopic              esophoric              esophoria              bifocals              biocular              orthophoria              phakic              psuedophakic              aphakic              heterophoria              hypermetropia              aniseikonia              nightblindness              accommodative             

Examples of "emmotropic"