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Examples of "endesa"
In September 2011 Endesa signed agreements with Mitsubishi, Renault–Nissan and the Japanese Chademo Foundation on the promotion of fast-charge stations. Endesa will hold the Chademo Europe chair. As a consequence, Endesa will deploy two types of public charging spots – conventional charging (16A, 230V AC, Schuko type) and rapid charging (125A, 400V DC, Chademo type). In October 2011 Endesa ordered 53 rapid charging stations to be built by GE in strategic places in Spain.
Endesa Termic is a 356 metre high chimney belonging to the thermal power station (i.e.:coal power plant) held by Spanish utility Endesa at As Pontes de García Rodríguez in the outskirts of Ferrol in the province of A Coruña, north-western Spain. Endesa Termic was built in 1974 and is the second tallest chimney in Europe.
He debuted with the ACB team in the Supercopa Endesa.
In 1999, CSE stock ceased to trade on the exchange, and on 15 February 2002 the company ceased to exist as a separate corporation, integrated into Grupo Endesa, Spain's largest generator of electricity, as "Sevillana-Endesa".
In Argentina Enel produces electricity through Endesa (Chile)’s subsidiaries - Endesa Costanera, Hidroeléctrica El Chocón, and Dock Sud - for a total capacity of 4.522 MW. Through EDESUR Enel distributes electricity to over 2.3 million customers in the country.
Enel produces electricity in Brazil through its subsidiaries Endesa Fortaleza and Cachoeira Dourada for a total capacity of 987 MW. Enel also operates in the transmission of electricity through Endesa CIEN, as well as in the distribution through:
In Chile, through Enel Iberoamerica (formerly known as Enel Energy Europe), as a result of the purchase of Endesa and Endesa Latinoamerica S.A., Enel owns 60.62% of Enersis Chile.
On 2 February 2007, E.On offered €38.75 for each share of Endesa. The German firm withdrew its bid two months later in exchange for a promise from rival bidders to sell it part of the Spanish utility's assets. SNET, Endesa Italia and Enel's Viesgo were amongst the business units ultimately sold off to E.On. Acciona and Enel succeeded in their joint bid to acquire Endesa in October 2007 for an estimated €42.5 billion and they announced later that month that they jointly held 92.06% of Endesa's share capital (25.01% Acciona and 67.05% Enel) as a result of their 100% takeover bid launched on Endesa, with the remaining 7.94% being free float.
Other electricity providers include Compagnie nationale du Rhône (CNR) and Endesa (through SNET).
In 2007, Luigi Ferraris joined the Spanish Endesa S.A. as a Board Member.
In October 2014, after Endesa was acquired by Enel, Enersis SA became controlled by Enel.
Unit two is a 1087 MWe PWR. The station's owners are: 72% Endesa and 28% Iberdrola.
Fernando de Prado is the cousin of Borja de Prado Eulate, President of Endesa
During the initial restructuring of the electricity industry Endesa, a state-owned company since 1944, was divided into 14 companies. Before the division Endesa had extensive generation, transmission and distribution assets throughout the country. The companies generated from Endesa's division included 6 generation companies (including Endesa and Colbun), 6 distribution companies and 2 small isolated generation and distribution companies in the South. Chilectra, privately owned since 1970, was split into 3 firms: a generation company (Gener) and two distribution companies.
In 2009, after almost a decade at the head of Chilectra he took on the presidency of Endesa.
In 1999 the company was owned by Telecom Italia and Spanish electricity companies Endesa and Union Fenosa.
Other golden shares ruled illegal include the Spanish government's golden shares in Telefonica, Repsol YPF, Endesa, Argentaria and Tabacalera.
The stadium has held Copa del Rey matches in the past, including CD Binefar's match against Endesa Andorra in 1985.
Endesa is the acronym of "Empresa Nacional de Electricidad S.A.". Two electric utility companies in the world use this name:
In 1997 Endesa proposed to increase exploitation of the tourist potential of the lake and the Río Quillaileo.