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1983, CAM LCM 233451, Italy (2LP, together with "Entends-tu les chiens aboyer ?")
1987, LupSom 2LL2.001, Brazil (2LP, "together with Entends-tu les chiens aboyer ?")
While Arena was promoting "Songs of Love & Loss" in Australia, she shot a music video in and around Sydney for her next French language single, "Entends-tu le monde?" (English: "Do you hear the world?"), was made available to French radio and music TV channels. It appeared on her second French language album, "7 vies" (28 January 2008), which debuted at No. 12 on the official French charts, her highest debut in the country. "Entends-tu le monde?" was physically released in February and debuted at No. 10 on the French charts, becoming her sixth top 10 single in that market.
Other albums include "XV Anniversary Live!" (his second international release) and "Daaly". He contributed "Laye M'Boup," a tribute to the late Orchestre Baobab leader, to the "The Music In My Head" soundtrack. Seck also wrote "Entends-tu le monde?" which was the lead single from Australian singer Tina Arena's seventh studio album "7 vies".
7 vies is the eighth studio album by Australian singer and songwriter Tina Arena, released on 28 January 2008 on Columbia Records in France. The title translates into English as "7 Lives" and the first single from the album "Entends-tu le monde?" was released digitally on 15 November 2007 and physically on 11 February 2008.
"Entends-tu le monde?" is the first single released from "7 vies", the second French-language album by Australian singer Tina Arena. The title roughly translates into English as "Do you hear the world?". The music video for the song was directed by Fabien Dulfils in and around Sydney in December and premiered in early January. The song received a physical release as a CD single in France on .
The Kluczynski Building is constructed of a steel frame and contains of space. The exterior is sheathed in bronze-tinted glass set into bright aluminum frames. Beneath the windows are steel spandrel panels painted flat black and windows are separated horizontally by steel mullions of projecting steel I-beams also painted black. The two-story lobby is recessed allowing for a colonnade or "pilotis" to encircle the building at street level. The interior walls and floors of the lobby are covered in granite which entends to the plaza. The lobby contains several commemorative tablets which were removed from the previous building.
(更埴) is the largest of the three municipalities that were joined to form the current Chikuma city. Spanning the Chikuma River and bordering Nagano city to the south, it entends from the apricot fields of Anzu no Sato in the east to the highland area Hijiri Kogen in the west. Koshoku's history dates back to the Kofun Period, and several major archaeological sites remain. Later, in the Meiji Period, the inns located in Inariyama became a popular stopover for pilgrims en route to Zenkō-ji.