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mourir              mieux              besoin              voulu              oublier              seule              laisse              jamais              enfin              perdre              regarde              avait              pleurer              doute              toute              toujours              vendre              quoi              sauver              reviens              amoureux              douleur              disait              tomber              votre              doucement              veut              fous              chantent              vouloir              quelqu              mauvaise              personne              chaque              veux              croire              ainsi              peuvent              revient              aimais              importe              rien              amoureuse              pleure              putain              comme              aucun              viens              aimerai              entends             

Examples of "envie"
The municipality of Envie contains the "frazione" (subdivision) Occa. Envie borders the following municipalities: Barge, Revello, Rifreddo, Sanfront.
Rifreddo borders the following municipalities: Envie, Gambasca, Revello, and Sanfront.
"Ci-gît le Seigneur de La Palice: Si il' n'était pas mort, il ferait encore envie."
Sanfront borders the following municipalities: Barge, Brossasco, Envie, Gambasca, Paesana, Rifreddo, and Sampeyre.
It was succeeded as Belgian representative at the 2000 Contest by Nathalie Sorce with "Envie de vivre".
Barge borders the following municipalities: Bagnolo Piemonte, Cardè, Cavour, Envie, Ostana, Paesana, Revello, Sanfront, and Villafranca Piemonte.
His 1982 album "Ça donne envie d’aimer" and the sing "Amoureux fous" was done in a duo with Julie Pietri, perpetuating his image as a crooner.
"Envie de vivre" ("The Will to Live") was the Belgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000, performed in French by Nathalie Sorce.
Exto Partners has investments in Airtasker, Tuned Global, RedHill Education, BuildingIQ, WhiteSky Labs, Optalert, Sensear, Ondek, Contours Australia, EnVie Fitness and Beat the Q Posse Group.
Envie is a "comune" (municipality) in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont, northern Italy, located about southwest of Turin and about northwest of Cuneo.
"Nomiza" was performed eleventh on the night, following Belgium's Nathalie Sorce with "Envie de vivre" and preceding Iceland's August & Telma with "Tell Me!". At the close of voting, it had received 8 points, placing 21st in a field of 24.
She auditioned for the role of Storm in "", but the part eventually went to American actress Alexandra Shipp. In June 2015, she appeared in the music video for Louane Emera's single "Jeune (j'ai envie)".
It performed ninth on the night, following Norway's Charmed with "My Heart Goes Boom" and preceding Belgium's Nathalie Sorce with "Envie de vivre". At the close of the voting had received 155 points, placing 2nd in a field of 24.
"Nomiza" was performed eleventh on the night (following Belgium's Nathalie Sorce with "Envie de vivre" and preceding Iceland's August & Telma with "Tell Me!"). At the close of voting, it had received 8 points, placing 21st in a field of 24.
From a technical viewpoint, Bashung was very careful about the sophistication of musics, arrangements, and even ambiance noises, using the computer technology as a recording tool and not for a question of technical quality. The album is often spoken more than sung, like in the music of Serge Gainsbourg or Léo Ferré like for the singing of Desnos' poem or "Faisons envie" by Miossec.
Belgium was represented by Nathalie Sorce, with the song '"Envie de vivre", at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Stockholm on 13 May. Sorce was the winner of the Belgian national final for the contest, held in Brussels on 18 February.
Filmmaker Pierre Savadori commissioned Bazbaz to compose the soundtracks for four of his films, Comme Elle Respire (1997), Les Marchands de Sable (2000), Apres Vous (2003), and Hors de Prix (2006). As he gained recognition as a film composer, Bazbaz's solo discography continued to grow with the releases of Une Envie de Chien (2000) and Sur le Bout de la Langue (2004).
Nathalie Sorce is a Belgian singer from Mornimont. She was secretly registered in a talent competition by a relative and went on to win. In 2000, she won the Belgian Eurovision national selection and represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 with the song "Envie de vivre", receiving only 2 points, placing last.
"Ouragan" was the first single to remain at the top of the French Singles Chart for at least ten weeks, beating the record set in 1985 by Peter and Sloane with "Besoin de rien, envie de toi". It was also the second best-selling single in 1986, behind "Les Démons de minuit", by Images.
Erbelding is currently represented by Jacques Levy Gallery, Paris; Galerie Insula, Paris and Port-Joinville in Île d'Yeu; Art Forum Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium ; Dhalgren Gallery, Paris; Envie D'Art, London; Le Cabinet Amateur Gallery, Paris and Eva Doublet Gallery, St Georges du Bois.