Synonyms for epimethean or Related words with epimethean

feuerschwanz              konpara              maponos              grannus              nymphai              amuce              ecgwela              libitina              jhegaala              pharro              tykho              burninator              khwarenah              adrasteia              feretrius              cadmilos              aetus              jigerim              sagkahan              menandrou              menrva              eorvm              waenre              shiksa              tegeus              epulum              annanack              tauropolis              pasithea              vicesimo              somnos              arkites              firmamentum              capaneus              sharezer              drakoneres              belgarion              orthosie              marnen              habuisse              makronisi              amissio              postsingular              piserchia              phaenna              panoplied              swadha              anogi              anaana              phantasos             

Examples of "epimethean"
Ivan Illich devotes a chapter of "Deschooling Society" to the "Rebirth of Epimethean Man".
There are several Epimethean craters larger than 30 km in diameter, as well as both large and small ridges and grooves. The extensive cratering indicates that Epimetheus must be quite old. Janus and Epimetheus may have formed from a disruption of a single parent to form co-orbital satellites, but if this is the case the disruption must have happened early in the history of the satellite system. From its very low density and relatively high albedo, it seems likely that Epimetheus is a very porous icy body. There is a lot of uncertainty in these values, however, and so this remains to be confirmed.