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Examples of "erfgoed"
The "Vlaams Instituut voor het Onroerend Erfgoed" (VIOE) was founded in 2004 and was tasked with finishing the inventory. From 2005 onwards, the inventories were kept in a database called "Inventaris van het Bouwkundig Erfgoed" (IBE), or "Inventory of Architectural Heritage". On 1 juli 2011 the VIOE merged with the "Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed" to form a new agency for Immovable Heritage called "Onroerend Erfgoed".
Diriken, P., "Religieus erfgoed in Haspengouw", Kortessem, 2013
One agency, the Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage and three of its subdivisions are responsible for protection; the VIOE, the Organization for KCML. "Ruimte en Erfgoed, Onroerend Erfgoed", and the agent for inspection, the "RWO".
Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands) often abbreviated as Cultureel Erfgoed, is a Dutch heritage organisation working for the protection and conservation of National Heritage Sites. It is located in Amersfoort, province of Utrecht.
The Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage, or simply Onroerend Erfgoed is a cultural heritage agency sponsored by the Flemish Government. The organisation is split into four subdivisions; the former VIOE, which inventories Beschermd erfgoed in the Flemish Region; the agency "Ruimte en Erfgoed" which executes policy on heritage management and protection; the Ministry department of Town and County Planning, Housing Policy and Immovable Heritage, or "Ruimtelijke Ordening, Woonbeleid en Onroerend Erfgoed" (RWO), which supports the Minister of Culture on policy decisions; and "Inspectie RWO", which is the inspection arm of the RWO.
The building received protected status ("beschermd erfgoed") through a royal decree issued on November 9, 1976.
In Flanders, the government agencies "Ruimte en Erfgoed" and "Vlaams Instituut voor het Onroerend Erfgoed (VIOE)" joined together in 2011 to form Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage. They work as agencies of the Flemish Ministry of Spatial Planning, Housing Policy and Heritage sites (Dutch: "Ministerie van Ruimtelijke Ordening, Woonbeleid en Onroerend Erfgoed (RWO)") from four locations in Antwerp, Leuven, Hasselt and Ghent. They maintain the administration of the Royal Commission for Monuments and Sites (Dutch: "Koninklijke Commissie voor Monumenten en Landschappen (KCML)").
This page is an overview of the beschermd erfgoed in Luxembourg (Belgium), alphabetically ordered by town name. This list is part of the protected heritage sites of Belgium.
In Flanders, the European Heritage Days are organized by the Erfgoedhuis Den Wolsack in Antwerp, which is also where Erfgoed Vlaanderen meets.
Registered city or village views considered to be important to the country's heritage (known as "Beschermde stads- of dorpsgezichten") are also protected by the Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed.
This table shows an overview of the beschermd erfgoed in the Walloon town Awans. This list is part of Belgium's protected heritage sites.
The churches are maintained with subsidy from the "Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed", the province Friesland, municipalities, several culturefunds and public gifts.
The Stichting Academisch Erfgoed (SAE), in English the Dutch Foundation for Academic Heritage, is a network of Dutch universities that supports these universities' heritage and cultural collections.
This page is an overview of the beschermd erfgoed in Namur (province), alphabetically ordered by town name. This list is part of the protected heritage sites of Belgium.
A rijksmonument () is a national heritage site of the Netherlands, listed by the agency Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE) acting for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
The museum was opened in 2009 by the Stichting Industrieel Erfgoed Hoogovens (SIEHO) in order to preserve the industrial heritage of this historic steel producing site. The museum is sponsored by the current owner, Tata Steel.
For setting protection of movable and immovable heritage, the government agency of Culture, Youth, Sport en Media "Kunsten en Erfgoed" (Arts and Heritage) is the policy executor of the Flemish Government. Inspections at the local level are conducted by the "".
SIEHO ("Stichting Industrieel Erfgoed Hoogovens", English: Hoogovens industrial heritage foundation) is dedicated to the history of the plant, and runs the Hoogovens Museum which is an affiliate of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. "Corus Stoom IJmuiden" (Steam Corus IJmuiden) operates steam trains on the rail network of the CIJmuiden and has workshop facilities on site.
In Maaseik many buildings are protected as "Beschermd erfgoed" (National Heritage Sites). Notable are several churches and monasteries, mostly in Baroque and Neoclassical style, and a large number of houses in the local style of the Mosan Renaissance. Twelve watermills around Maaseik have been restored, some of which are still functioning and can be visited.
It is not known when exactly he died; it was sometime between 1600 and 1607. A street in Uitgeest is named for him. The visitor's center of the industrial heritage site managed by the Stichting Industriel Erfgoed ""De Hoop"" in Uitgeest is devoted to his memory.