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Examples of "erlbach"
SV Erlbach is a German association football club from the municipality of Erlbach, Bavaria. The club's greatest success has been promotion to the tier five Bayernliga in 2015.
A further extension was from Siebenbrunn to Erlbach, this gave a direct connection to Markneukirchen. Traffic ran to Markneukirchen from 20 September 1910, and to Erlbach from 1 October 1911. The line closed 1 June 1975. .
Erlbach is a municipality in the district of Altötting in Bavaria in Germany.
Ronald Schmidt (born April 28, 1977) is a German footballer who plays for SV Erlbach.
Gotthard Graubner (13 June 1930 – 24 May 2013) was a German painter, born in Erlbach, in Saxony, Germany.
Markt Erlbach is a municipality in the district of Neustadt (Aisch)-Bad Windsheim in Bavaria in Germany.
Formed in 1963, SV Erlbach played, for the most part of its history as a lower amateur side. The club won promotion of the Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Ost in 2004 and played at this level for two seasons before achieving another promotion, now to the tier six Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern. Erlbach played the next five seasons at this level, with two sixth places as its best results but was relegated again in 2011. Erlbach returned to the Bezirksliga for the next two seasons, finishing runners-up in 2012 and winning the league the season after. The latter earned it promotion to the Landesliga for the first time.
Erlbach-Kirchberg is a former municipality in the district Erzgebirgskreis, in Saxony, Germany. Since 1 January 2013, it is part of the town Lugau.
Leonrod came under the jurisdiction of two hanging courts, the part south of the Bibert belonged to Ansbach, the northern part to Markt Erlbach.
In 1994 Wohlhausen and Breitenfeld were subsumed into Markneukirchen (on January and 1 March, respectively), and Landwüst joined in 1999. Erlbach became part of Markneukirchen in 2014.
Erlbach was established as a waldhufendorf settlement by Frankish farmers in the 12th century. The first documented mention of the place was in 1486.
Erlbach is a village and a former municipality in the Vogtlandkreis district, in Saxony, Germany. Since 1 January 2014, it is part of the town Markneukirchen.
One line, the Nuremberg–Bamberg railway (timetable route (KBS) 820), branches off to the north, towards the city of Bamberg. A second line heads west on the Nuremberg–Würzburg line (KBS 805), from which the "Zenngrundbahn" (KBS 891.1) to Markt Erlbach branches off at Siegelsdorf; and a third railway, the "Rangaubahn" (KBS 808), swings towards the southwest and heads for the town of Cadolzburg. Services on the Cadolzburg route run every 30 minutes; the line to Markt Erlbach has an hourly service.
Marco Wittmann (born 24 November 1989) is a German professional racing driver, and BMW works driver. He currently resides in Markt Erlbach. Wittmann has competed in such series as Formula Three Euroseries and Formula BMW ADAC/Europe.
A monument was erected in "Erlbach" graveyard in memorial of six unknown concentration camp prisoners who were murdered in the vicinity in March 1945 by SS soldiers on a death march from Auschwitz.
Small tributaries of the Weiße Elster river within the borders of Gera are the "Erlbach" on the western side and the "Wipsenbach", "Gessenbach" and "Brahme" on the eastern side.
Claus Kreul (born 26 May 1944 in Erlbach, Saxony) is a former football player and manager. He played in the DDR-Oberliga for FC Karl-Marx-Stadt and BSG Wismut Aue and later managed several Oberliga teams.
The railway Zenngrundbahn was built in 1872.It consorts from Fürth to Markt Erlbach and back every hour. Langenzenn has 3 stations: Langenzenn main railway station, Hardhof and Laubendorf.
He competed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Competing in two Winter Olympics, he won two medals in the four-man with a gold in 1984 and a bronze in 1980. He was born in Erlbach-Kirchberg, Saxony.
The division featured six new clubs with SV Kirchanschöring, TSV Kottern, SpVgg Ruhmannsfelden and SV Erlbach promoted from the Landesliga while VfR Garching and SV Heimstetten were relegated from the Regionalliga.