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Examples of "erotas"
"Erotas" (Greek: "Έρωτας"; English: "Love"), also known as "Erotas Ksafnikos" (English: "Sudden Love"), is a song by Armenian singer Sirusho. It is performed in Greek and is the artist's first song in the language.
It was succeeded as Cypriot representative at the 1999 contest by Marlain with "Tha 'Ne Erotas".
This article contains a summary of the first season of the Greek television soap opera Erotas.
The winner of the final was Marlen Angelidou with "Tha 'Ne Erotas".
The MEGA network has not confirmed when it will run the final season of Erotas.
Erotas (Greek: Έρωτας) is a Greek word, which translates into Love or Sex.
This article contains a summary of the second season of the Greek television soap opera Erotas.
On April 1, 2009, Sirusho released the song "Erotas", also known as "Erotas Ksafnikos" ("Sudden Love"), sung entirely in Greek. The song is an up-tempo dance song with heavy traditional Greek laiko influence. It was composed by singer Hayko and written by Natalia Germanou. Sirusho performed the song live at the Tashir Armenian Awards ceremony in April 2009. "Erotas" went on to become a number one hit on the Armenian Singles Chart.
Mirto Anagnostou (Greek: Μυρτώ Αναγνώστου) is a fictional character on the ANT1 television series "Erotas", played by Koralia Karanti.
He is perhaps best known for playing Hector Anagnostou on "Erotas", a role he has played since 2005.
Antigoni Douka (previously Mavrakis) is a fictional character on the ANT1 television series "Erotas", played by Adamantia Kontogiorgi.
Below is a list of all main characters, that have appeared in Erotas, in order of prominence.
This article contains a summary of the third and final season of the Greek soap opera television series Erotas.
The ANT1 network begin to run Erotas episodes in syndication in a late-night timeslot from the fall of 2008.
Vasia Panagopoulou (Greek: Βάσια Παναγοπούλου; born 6 October 1966, in Athens, Greece) is a Greek theatre and stage actress who starred in Erotas.
Melpo Kosti is a Greek television and soap opera actress, currently appearing on "Erotas". She is best known for her roles in
Christos Vasilopoulos (, born April 16, 1978) is a Greek theatre, television and film actor. He is best known for portraying Lefteri on "Erotas."
Vera Douka is a fictional character on the ANT1 television series "Erotas", played by Noni Ioannidou. Vera Douka is one of the show's leading characters.
Perris' performing career began at the age of 18, when he was invited to tour with composer Mimis Plessas. He was featured on Plessas' 2006 album Mimis Plessas and the Jazz Quartet Live. His first solo album, Kainouria mou mera (My new day) was released in 2005 by EMI and included the hit songs "Pezi o erotas" which was the theme song from the TV series "Erotas", as well as "Karavani" which was included in a compilation created by Radio Française.
Frangoulis completed his new album "Amor Oscuro" ("Skotinos Erotas"), dedicated to the Spanish poet and dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca. In April he performed with Elena Kelessidi and the Baltimore Opera Company orchestra at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore