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Examples of "eschatological"
Adapted from the "Eschatological Scatology" liner notes.
Seventh-day Adventism's eschatological teaching may be contrasted with:
An eschatological interpretation is provided by Jesus in :
Francisco Ribera (1537–1591) was a Spanish Jesuit theologian, identified with the Futurist Christian eschatological view.
The eschaton is a time period described in eschatological writings and doomsday scenarios.
Chronotope in the Anti-utopian Fiction. Interpretation of an Eschatological Anti-utopia, 2005
with the eschatological end of the present order of things, the "end time".
Pope Francis refers to Teilhard's eschatological contribution in his encyclical Laudato si'.
Tremor of Intent: An Eschatological Spy Novel (1966), by Anthony Burgess, is an English espionage novel.
A distinct but related concept is the eschatological remnant, which will be manifest shortly prior to the second coming of Jesus. The "remnant church" is understood to act as a catalyst for the formation of this group. The eschatological remnant will consist of some (but not all) constituents of the present "remnant church", together with a cohort of believers from other (that is, non-Adventist) churches. Only members of the eschatological remnant will be saved through the end-times.
The second death is an eschatological concept, in Judaism and Christianity, related to punishment after a first, natural, death.
Eschatological Scatology is the seventh full-length studio album by Gnaw Their Tongues, independently released on June 6, 2012.
for the Sunnites the " Mahdi" stands for "an eschatological individual in the future," of whom" the Prophet
Among his eschatological convictions, Keach anticipated a major revival amongst the Jews at the end of this age.
The parable of the Faithful Servant and parable of the Ten Virgins, adjacent in Matthew, involve waiting for a bridegroom, and have an eschatological theme: be prepared for the day of reckoning. The parable of the Tares the parable of the Rich Fool, the parable of the budding fig tree, and the parable of the barren fig tree also have eschatological themes.
In "Yasna" 12, the Zarathustra, Vishtaspa, Frašaoštra and Jāmāspa, and the three Saošiiaṇts, Zarathustra’s eschatological sons, and in "Yasna" 23.2 and 26.5, the fravashi of Gaiia Marətān, Zarathustra, Vishtaspa, and Isaṯ.vāstra (another of Zarathustra’s eschatological sons) are listed as the principal fighters for Asha.
According to Eliade, "eschatological myths" became prominent during the Middle Ages during "certain historical movements". These eschatological myths appeared "in the Crusades, in the movements of a Tanchelm and an Eudes de l'Etoile, in the elevation of Fredrick II to the rank of Messiah, and in many other collective messianic, utopian, and prerevolutionary phenomena". One significant eschatological myth, introduced by Gioacchino da Fiore's theology of history, was the "myth of an imminent third age that will renew and complete history" in a "reign of the Holy Spirit"; this "Gioacchinian myth" influenced a number of messianic movements that arose in the late Middle Ages.
The hermeneutic method held by an individual or church will greatly affect their interpretation of the book of Revelation, and consequently their eschatological scheme.
In Matthew, it immediately precedes the Parable of the Ten Virgins, which has a similar eschatological theme of being prepared for the day of reckoning.
Don K. Preston is a leading proponent of the Christian eschatological view, Preterism. He is President of the Preterist Research Institute in Ardmore, Oklahoma.