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Examples of "escoffery"
Wayne Escoffery – Sax, Jason Marshall – Barritone Sax, Robin Eubanks – Trombone
Louis Celeste Lecesne married Hannah Escoffery (born 15 November 1797 and also known as Anette),
Wayne Escoffery (born 23 February 1975 in London, England) is a jazz saxophonist based in New York City.
Following the split, Michelle Escoffery continued to work as a singer, including on Artful Dodger's 2001 hit "Think About Me".
Diaz won the election with 89.4% of the vote. Perri earned 7.9%, Escoffery-Bey garnered 1.6% and Lundgren received 1.1%.
Having held her first solo exhibition in Kingston in 1944, Escoffery exhibited extensively in Jamaica and elsewhere. Her works feature in many public and private collections.
"All About Jazz"'s J. Robert Bragonier said that Escoffery "is a talented youngster capable of long, flowing lines, noteworthy creativity, and a broad range of expressiveness."
Gloria Escoffery OD (22 December 1923 – 24 April 2002) was a Jamaican painter, poet and art critic active in the 1940s and 1950s.
In 2014 Escoffery won the 62nd Annual Downbeat Critics Poll for rising star on the Tenor Saxophone and in 2010 won a Grammy with The Mingus Big Band.
Born in Gayle, Saint Mary Parish, Jamaica, the youngest of three children of Dr. William T. Escoffery, medical officer, and his wife Sylvia, Escoffery attended St Hilda's High School, Brown's Town. In 1942 she won the Island Scholarship and went to McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and subsequently studied in England at the Slade School of Fine Arts (1950–52), and the University of the West Indies's School of Education.
At least three children were born to Louis Celeste Lecesne and Hannah Escoffery in Kingston. The first was Louise Amelia Lecesne (born 20 June 1817), followed by Elizabeth Adeline Lecesne (born 24 July 1818) and Celestine Aglaé Lecesne (19 June 1820 – 11 August 1821). On 7 May 1823 Louis Celeste Lecesne was a witness to the marriage of his wife's brother, Edward Escoffery to Marie Montagnac in the Roman Catholic Church, Kingston.
Singers: Catherine Russell, Marlon Saunders, Leslie Alexander, Gyan, Jacob Switzer, Paige Stewart-Escoffery, Ruby Salvatore Palmer, Gail Ann Dorsey, Maggie Moore, Rebecca Shoichet, Kerry Latimer, Rae Armour, John MacArthur Ellis.
In 2014, Escoffery returned to the recording studio to release a new album, "In the Red Room" for Dome Records. The album is co-written and produced by Gil Cang, whose credits include writing "Whatever Happens" for Michael Jackson.
Leonhart met Wayne Escoffery, a London-born saxophonist, in a New York Jazz club in 2002. The two began dating when they had time during their busy tour schedules. They married in Manhattan on 17 January 2004.
Lecesne and John Escoffery came to notice as members of a committee who were intent on changing the law such that free men "of colour" would be given free and equal rights to white people.
Escoffery married vocalist Carolyn Leonhart in 2004 and the couple separated in July 2014. The two have one child, have collaborated on many performances, and appear together on several albums.
There was a libel case against John Murray, not because he was the author, but because he was the publisher of a book that libelled Lecesne and Escoffery. The case was based on the fact that the book recorded that the politicians in Jamaica considered Lecesne and Escoffery guilty of a criminal conspiracy. This case was held in Britain in order that it should not be biased. If they were guilty of a conspiracy, then under the 1818 Alien Act they could be transported for life if they were born elsewhere.
Shaun Escoffery is a British soul and R&B singer and actor, who was born in London. His first major release was the single "Space Rider", released by Oyster Music in March 2001. It was played regularly by the BBC Radio 1 DJ Trevor Nelson and The Dreem Teem. It peaked at #52 in the UK Singles Chart, and was followed by the UK #53 hit "Days Like This" in 2002. After releasing several other singles on the same label, Escoffery became more noticed for his voice - being noticed by Lennox Lewis, who invited him to Memphis, Tennessee, to sing the national anthem before his boxing match with Mike Tyson.
In 2010 it was announced that Fagen, McDonald and Scaggs would do a fall tour together as the Dukes of September. The band is rounded out by Jon Herington (guitar), Freddie Washington (bass), Michael White (drums, now replaced by Shannon Forrest), Jim Beard (organ), Jay Collins (horns), Michael Leonhart (horns), Walt Weiskopf (horns), Carolyn Escoffery (vocals) and Catherine Russell (vocals).
Pat Bianchi is an American jazz organist. In 2010, "Downbeat" named him among the ten best organists in jazz. He took up piano at age seven and began formal lessons at age 12. He studied classical piano at the Eastman School of Music and jazz piano at the Berklee School of Music. His second album features Terrell Stafford, Ralph Peterson. Jr., and Wayne Escoffery.