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Examples of "eshaunte"
The men's basketball team were the 2005-2006 Summit Athletic Conference Champions and star guard Eshaunte "Bear" Jones was an Indiana Junior All-Star. The following season, Jones was an Indiana Senior All-Star, wearing #10 in a pair of wins over Kentucky in the state's annual games. In 2008, Justin Jordan was an Indiana Junior All-Star before becoming an Indiana Senior All-Star in 2009. In 2010, an unlikely Redskin team, with a losing record, topped Marion to win Class 4A Sectional #6 for its first Sectional title since 2005.
Jones saw a significant drop off in his contributions as a sophomore, averaging just 4 points/game (10th on the team). His total three pointers made (27-of-80) was still ranked third on the team, but his decrease in production also saw his minutes go down to just 12.4 per game over the 28 games he played. Jones did not start a single game, while averaging 1.4 rebounds and shooting just 33% from the field. Eshaunte led the team in scoring on two separate occasions, with 13 points against Jackson State on December 1 and 11 points against North Dakota on January 3. Both games were wins for the 19-13 Huskers. Nebraska's NCAA Tournament hopes were seemingly strong until a March 5 loss to Colorado, who also was left out from an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. Nebraska played in the NIT Tournament, but fell to Wichita State in the first round, 76-49, with Jones scoring just three points in 6 minutes of play. Shortly into the offseason, Husker coach Doc Sadler was not quiet about his team's need to shoot the ball better, something that Jones was expected to lead the way in during his sophomore campaign.
Eshaunte "Bear" Jones (born 1989 in California), is a college basketball player, who decommitted from the Oregon State Beavers. In June 2007, he announced his intention to pass on an oral commitment to Indiana University. In October 2007, he announced his decision to attend Oregon State University the following season after playing as a 5th year senior at Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia. He would late de-commit from Oregon State after a coaching change. In June 2008, Jones signed financial-agreement paperwork with the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Because it was after the NCAA signing period, Coach Doc Sadler could not confirm at that time that he had accepted a scholarship. Once he cleared the NCAA clearinghouse process, he enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the 2008 fall term. On March 31, 2011, Jones announced that he was leaving Nebraska to take care of personal things back in Indiana with his family. After leaving Nebraska, Jones popped up at Division II Northern Kentucky.