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Examples of "etsi"
These three parts replace the previous ETSI SDR standards ETSI TS 102 550, ETSI TS 102 551-1 and ETSI TS 102 551-2.
ETSI standards documentation ETSI EN 300 175 parts 1-8 (DECT), ETSI EN 300 444 (GAP) and ETSI TS 102 527 parts 1-5 (NG-DECT) prescribe the following technical properties:
The ETSI-MSS specifications define a SOAP interface and mobile signature roaming for systems implementing mobile signature services. ETSI TS 102 204, and ETSI TS 102 207.
All ETSI specifications are open standards available at ETSI Publications Download Area (this will open ETSI document search engine; free registration is required to download PDF files).
ETSI Satellite Digital Radio (SDR or ETSI SDR) describes a standard of satellite digital radio. It is an activity of the European standardisation organisation ETSI.
The PAdES, CAdES and XAdES standards can be downloaded from the ETSI website ETSI download page.
ECMA-368 is also an European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standard, ETSI TS 102 455).
A broadcast profile of the language has been standardized by ETSI, forming ETSI standard ES 202 184.
Recently, DVB has adopted a profile of the metadata defined by the TV-Anytime Forum (DVB-TVA, ETSI TS 102323). This is an XML Schema based technology and the DVB profile is tailored for enhanced Personal Digital Recorders. DVB lately also started an activity to develop a service for IPTV (DVB-IPI, ETSI TR 102033, ETSI TS 102034, ETSI TS 102814) which also includes metadata definitions for a broadband content guide (DVB-BCG, ETSI TS 102 539).
In 2009 Evridiki released the album Etsi Ine I Agapi, performing together with Dimitris Korgialas. The neχt year (2010) the cd-single Etsi Apla was released.
This standard is defined in ETSI ETS 300 726 (GSM 06.60). The packing is specified in ETSI Technical Specification TS 101 318.
The ETSI process resulted in the DVB-T2 standard being adopted on 9 September 2009. The ETSI process had several phases, but the only changes were text clarifications.
1worldspace will use ETSI SDR in its new network covering Europe from 2009. Also Ondas Media has announced to use ETSI SDR.
These standards are the ETSI TS 102 587 series for dPMR446 and the ETSI TS 102 726 series for licensed dPMR Mode1, 2 and 3 products.
Responsibility for the standard was passed to the new European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in 1988. The ETSI version of the standard is designated ETS 300 072.
In February 2016, ETSI publishes the document ETSI EN 319 132-1 V1.1.0 as final draft for a European Standard. In this draft, the profiles have been omitted.
Source : European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
Modern SIM cards allow applications to be loaded when the SIM is in use by the subscriber. These applications communicate with the handset or a server using SIM application toolkit, which was initially specified by 3GPP in TS 11.14 (there is an identical ETSI specification with different numbering). ETSI and 3GPP maintain the SIM specifications; the main specifications are: ETSI TS 102 223, ETSI TS 102 241, ETSI TS 102 588, and ETSI TS 131 111. SIM toolkit applications were initially written in native code using proprietary APIs. In order to allow interoperability of the applications, Java Card was taken as the solution of choice by ETSI. Additional standards and specifications of interest are maintained by GlobalPlatform.
The protocol specification has been published as ETSI TS
The DMR interface is defined by the following ETSI standards: