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kumiko              takako              mayumi              yukiko              harumi              hiroko              atsuko              sachiko              yumiko              hiromi              ikuko              eriko              yasuko              yuriko              sayuri              chinami              yoshiko              miyoko              fumiko              kayoko              sayaka              shinobu              michiyo              yousuke              chikako              haruko              kazuko              hideko              mieko              emiko              machiko              yukari              junko              tomoko              taeko              saeko              mayuko              chiharu              chizuko              ayano              naoko              chiaki              chieko              wakana              makiko              kuniko              chisato              misako              saori              mariko             

Examples of "etsuko"
Etsuko Takenaka married and competed as Etsuko Toganoo and Nora Gardner married and competed as Nora Perry.
In Kagoshima, in the final days of World War II, an offer of marriage comes to Etsuko Kamiya, who lives with her brother and his wife. The offer comes from Nagayo, but Etsuko is attracted to his friend, Akashi.
"A Pale View of Hills" is the story of Etsuko, a middle-aged Japanese woman living alone in England, and opens with discussion between Etsuko and her younger daughter, Niki, about the recent suicide of Etsuko's older daughter, Keiko.
On February 14, 2015, Etsuko "Sheena" Ayukawa died from cervical cancer. She was 61 years old.
In the 1980s he was coach of Etsuko Inoue, a player on the women's circuit.
Etsuko Inoue (, born October 18, 1964) is a retired female tennis player from Japan.
The defending women's champion Etsuko Takenaka withdrew with an injured knee.
Etsuko Inoue defeated Shelley Solomon 6–2, 5–7, 6–1
During a visit from her daughter, Niki, Etsuko reflects on her own life as a young woman in Japan, and how she left that country to live in England. As she describes it, she and her Japanese husband, Jiro, had a daughter together, and a few years later Etsuko met a British man and moved with him to England. She took her elder daughter, Keiko, to England to live with her and the new husband. When Etsuko and her new husband have a daughter, Etsuko wants to call her something "modern" and her husband wants an Eastern-sounding name, so they compromise with the name "Niki," which seems to Etsuko to be perfectly British, but sounds to her husband at least slightly Japanese.
Etsuko tells her daughter, Niki, that she had a friend in Japan named Sachiko. Sachiko had a daughter named Mariko, a girl whom Etsuko's memory paints as exceptionally solitary and antisocial. Sachiko, Etsuko recalls, had planned to take Mariko to America with an American soldier identified only as "Frank." Clearly, Sachiko's story bears striking similarities to Etsuko's.
After leaving a playdate with Hiroshi and Little Yo, Etsuko is attacked by Tsutomu Sasaki, a young man who has been possessed by Old Cho. Old Cho makes Sasaki slit his own throat with a utility knife, traumatizing Etsuko. The following night, as Yoshikawa hangs out in the complex courtyard, Old Cho offers him the dead patrolman's pistol.
After the pioneering Mentai Rock act Sonhouse broke up in 1978, guitarist Makoto Ayukawa recruited his wife Etsuko for his new project. Forming the word Rokkets from "Rock" and "Etsu", and with Etsuko adopting the name Sheena after the Ramones' song "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker", the band christened themselves Sheena & The Rokkets.
Sano barely has time to plan his investigation when his mother, Etsuko, is arrested by Matsudaira's men as a suspect in the murder of Tadatoshi. The witness is Colonel Doi Naokatsu in the service of Matsudaira. Doi was also apparently once Tadatoshi's bodyguard, and Etsuko was a lady-in-waiting to Tadatoshi's household women. Sano is shocked that his mother is not a humble commoner as he had thought, but a scion of the Kumazawa clan, a respected hereditary Tokugawa vassal. Doi claimed to have heard Etsuko plotting with Egen against Tadatoshi, Egen being a monk and Tadatoshi's tutor.
Yukio Shinomura is Etsuko's father and the owner of a dry cleaning store. He takes pride in what he does and refuses to buy computers and other new equipment for his store. Yukio likes to do it the old-fashioned way. While Yukio is always displaying his love and affection for Etsuko's elder sister, he seems strict when it comes to Etsuko. He often calls her a good-for-nothing, but Etsuko doesn't know that her father says these things to hide his true feelings. Yukio loves Etsuko more than anybody and cares for her greatly. He soon becomes the leader of the group cheering for Etsuko's boat club.
"Ai no Kawaki" was made into a 1967 film with the same title, directed by Koreyoshi Kurahara, with Ruriko Asaoka playing Etsuko.
A spin-off drama "Jimi ni Sugoi! Kōetsu Girl: Kouno Inai Suiyōbi" is streamed on Hulu with 3 episodes.
The following day, a new girl named Etsuko moves into the complex with her family. When Old Cho uses his powers to drop a baby off a balcony, Etsuko uses her own psychic talents to save his life. She confronts Old Cho about the deed, repelling his attempted attack. Later, Etsuko makes friends with Little Yo and Hiroshi, Yoshikawa's son. Meanwhile, Inspector Okamura, an old colleague of Yamagawa's, visits the complex. Okamura sees an ghostly apparition of Yamagawa; Takayama later sees a similar apparition. Old Cho levels a psychic attack on Okamura and tells him to never come back.
He has sold more than 20 million records worldwide and has appeared in movies and television dramas. His wife Etsuko Shihomi is an actress.
Hiroyuki Sekino is Etsuko's neighbor and a member of the boy's boat team. He used to be overweight, but now he's a tall, handsome young man. He has a lot of friends because of his friendly personality. Hiroyuki is always in a good mood. What his friends don't know is that when he was a member of his middle school's soccer club, the pressure caused him to have a breakdown. At home, his parents' attention always went to his smart young brother. Etsuko has an uneasy feeling when she finds out how much girls at school like Hiroyuki. When they were kids, Hiroyuki and Etsuko never got along. Always fighting and quarreling, Hiroyuki once pushed Etsuko off a jungle gym. What Etsuko doesn't know is that Hiroyuki always has had a crush on her.
"Japan on Foot" is the name of a walking project that was undertaken by Etsuko Shimabukuro of Okinawa and Mary King, a British citizen.