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Voltati Eugenio (internationally released as Eugenio and "Turn Around Eugenio") is a 1980 Italian comedy drama film by Luigi Comencini.
Eugenio married Luisa Rodriguez Planas in 1938, and had four children with her: Eugenio Andres, Gertrudis, Luisa Elena and Eugenio Antonio. One son, Eugenio Andres, drowned as a youngster.
The Premio Nacional Eugenio Espejo ("Eugenio Espejo National Award") is the national prize of the nation of Ecuador.
Nonetheless, Eugenio and Martín slowly grow closer together, and Eugenio finds it becoming increasingly difficult to hide his attraction. One day while moving some furniture, Eugenio accidentally knocks over some drawings of naked men from his desk. Martín sees the drawings, but Eugenio pointedly avoids talking about it. It dawns on Martín that Eugenio might be attracted to him. Martín confirms his suspicions when he sees Eugenio's flustered reaction after he deliberately strips in front of Eugenio one night with the excuse of doing laundry.
Scuderia Eugenio Castellotti Championship results ()
Eugenio Oñate Ibañez de Navarra (Valencia, 28 March 1953), often referred as Eugenio Onãte, is a Spanish engineer who works in computational mechanics.
Carpio-Morales is married to Eugenio T. Morales, Jr., with whom she has two sons, Eugenio III and Umberto (d. 2015).
Palmiro Togliatti had one sister, Maria Cristina, and two brothers, Enrico and Eugenio Giuseppe. Eugenio became a mathematician and discovered Togliatti surfaces.
The Liga Deportiva Gral. Eugenio A. Garay is based in the city of General Eugenio A. Garay. The following teams are part of this league:
Eugenio Lascorz's descendants still maintain his claim.
Eugenio Michael Plana - President, Refinette Cosmetic Industry
Eugenio "Gene" Guglielmi (1947–), a beat folksinger.
Eugenio Saenz is located at (26.358253, -98.633123).
Eugenio Fuentes (born 1958 in Montehermoso, Cáceres),
Campus Eugenio Garza Lagüera is located in the southern part of Monterrey City, 10 minutes away from Campus Monterrey. Initially named Preparatoria Eugenio Garza Sada Sur from its foundation until 1989 and later known as Preparatoria Eugenio Garza Lagüera, the school was renamed Campus Eugenio Garza Lagüera in 2001. The current principal of this campus is Alfredo Peña Marín. This school was accredited an IB World School in 2005.
13. New York Catholic Standard, Eugenio, July 2008.
Oswaldo Vigas: 1953-1957, Fundación Eugenio Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela (October)
Eugenio Tano (July 4, 1840 – 1914) was an Italian painter.
The poet Eugenio Montale dedicated a poem to the Church.
Eugenio Castellucci was an Argentine professional football player.