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yoon_jung              eun_kyung              kim_hye              ji_hyun              ji_hye              choi_eun              hye_jin              lee_seung              eun_jung              joon_ho              soo_kyung              yoo_seung              kyung_joo              yoon_ji              lee_myung              hee_joo              kyeong              kim_seong              choi_seung              hee_jung              seo_hyun              geun              ha_nui              jung_hee              woong              jung_hye              jung_eun              jung_tae              jung_hyun              seop              yeo_jin              kang_tae              ji_seok              seo_yoon              jang_soo              choi_jae              jung_gyu_woon              kim_yeong              jae_wook              kang_hee              joo_hyun              yoon_hye              chae              ji_hoon              yoon_jong              eung              hee_ae              jung_hae              seung_ho              jung_yoon             

Examples of "eun_hee"
Kim Eun-hee () is a South Korean playwright and screenwriter.
Julieta Granada (8), Jang Ha-na (9), Ji Eun-hee (8), Meena Lee (8), Stephanie Meadow
Hong Eun-hee (born February 17, 1980) is a South Korean actress.
Ji Eun-hee (8), Catriona Matthew (8), Park Hee-young (8)
Sun-Ju Ahn, Bettina Hauert, Mi-Jeong Jeon, Eun-Hee Ji, Gwladys Nocera, Sakura Yokomine
Choi Jung-tae is also in love with Eun-hee, but he accepts that she cares for someone else.
Juli Inkster, Eun-Hee Ji (6,7), Cristie Kerr (3,6,7,8,9), Birdie Kim, Hilary Lunke, Inbee Park (7,8), Karrie Webb (5,7)
Byeong-Soo (Sol Kyung-Gu) was a serial killer in the past, though he now suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. He has a daughter, Eun-Hee (Seol-hyun), but she isn't his real daughter; rather, he took her from one of his victims, raising her as his own. One day, Tae-Joo, later Eun-Hee's boyfriend (Kim Nam-Gil) approaches Eun-Hee to kill her. To protect Eun-Hee, he fights to keep his memory and he plans to kill Tae-Joo. However it becomes apparent that his memories may not be as reliable as he believes them to be.
Kim Eun-hee's father was falsely accused of the murder, and dies tragically as a result. Since then, Eun-hee has been shunned by her fellow villagers.
Cho Eun-Hee (born May 20, 1972) is a female South Korean handball player who competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics.
Birdie Kim, Cristie Kerr (4,8,9,11,13,14), Inbee Park (5,7,8,9,10,11,13,14), Eun-Hee Ji (9), Paula Creamer (8,9,13,14), So Yeon Ryu (9,10,11,13,14), Na Yeon Choi (8,9,10,11,13,14)
Shin, Eun-Hee et al. "Trends in parasitic diseases in the Republic of Korea." Trends in Parasitology. Vol. 24: 143-150. 2008.
Juli Inkster (7), Paula Creamer (6,7,9) Eun-Hee Ji (7), Cristie Kerr (3,7,9), Birdie Kim, Inbee Park (6,7,10-JLPGA), Karrie Webb (5,7,8,9)
Choi Na-yeon (10,15,16), Chun In-gee (9,11,13-KLPGA,15,16), Paula Creamer (10,15), Ji Eun-hee (10,15,16), Cristie Kerr (10,12,15,16), Ryu So-yeon (9,10,15,16), Michelle Wie (10)
Na Yeon Choi (10,12,15,16), Paula Creamer (10,15,16), Eun-Hee Ji (10), Cristie Kerr (10,11,12,15,16), Birdie Kim, Inbee Park (5,7,10,11,12,15,16), So Yeon Ryu (9,10,12,15,16), Michelle Wie (9,10,15,16)
"Notable penhold pimpled hitters": Liu Guoliang, Jiang Jialiang, Toshio Tasaki, Yang Ying, Gwak Bang-Bang, Seok Eun-Mi, He Zhi Wen, Lee Eun-Hee, Wang Zeng Yi.
Na Yeon Choi (9,13,14), Paula Creamer (8,9,10,11,13,14), Eun-Hee Ji (9), Cristie Kerr (4,9,13,14), Birdie Kim, Inbee Park (4,6,8,9,10,11,13,14), So Yeon Ryu (8,9,13,14)
Juli Inkster (9), Paula Creamer (9,13), Eun-Hee Ji (9), Cristie Kerr (5,8,9,13), Birdie Kim, Inbee Park (8,9), So Yeon Ryu (9,10,11,12,13)
Screenwriter Kim Eun-hee ("Sign", "Phantom") is attached to a television adaptation with the working title "Signal", to be aired on tvN in 2016.
Although the village seems peaceful, it is hiding a hideous secret – a young woman Kim Eun-hee (Cha Ji-heon), a long time resident, has inadvertently become the sexual plaything for the perverted and pathetic elder village men. When Yoo-joon tries to help Eun-hee, he finds himself on a violent collision course with the locals and the village chief Jang Gi-no (Myung Kae-nam).