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Examples of "eurnekian"
The new complex of "Eduardo Eurnekian High School" of the Mother See is currently under construction.
Eurnekian also held controlling interest in "América TV", four radio stations and a Buenos Aires financial daily, "El Cronista". "Aeropuertos Argentina 2000," a consortium led by Eurnekian won a 30-year concession in 1998 to run 33 of the Argentina's main airports. He also bought the Howard Johnson's master franchise in Argentina from Cendant, and invested in a regional airline company, LAPA.
Eduardo Eurnekian (, born 1932) is an Argentinian-Armenian businessman. As of March 2013, he is the second richest person in Argentina.
The Eurnekian family reportedly borrowed heavily from the former Argentine small business lender, BANADE, and in 1988, Eduardo Eurnekian purchased "Cablevisión S.A," then a failing local cable tv station. His investment became increasingly lucrative following Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo's implementation of the Convertibility Plan in 1991, which brought financial and price stability to Argentina during the 1990s. Eurnekian in 1994 sold a 51% stake in Cablevision S.A. (by then Argentina's second-largest cable operator), to Tele-Communications Inc. for US$350 million and in 1997, netted US$320 million by selling most of his remaining shares to local investment giant CEI Citicorp Holdings SA.
Eurnekian also unveiled plans to invest millions of dollars into Armenia's agribusiness sector as he set up a joint venture with a local firm. Senior executives from "Tierras de Armenia", a Yerevan-based company belonging to Eurnekian, and the Max Group (owned by Harutiun Pambukian, a parliamentarian close to former President Robert Kocharian), reported a US$25 million joint venture to develop 60 km (24 mi) of arid land in the southern Armavir region into fruit orchards and a fruit processing plant.
In 1983 it expands to the cities of Vicente Lopez and San Isidro. Afterwards, the neighborhoods of Belgrano, Palermo and Recoleta in Buenos Aires were added under the supervision of businessman Eduardo Eurnekian under the America media conglomerate.
On January 26, 2012, prime minister Ara Harutyunyan and entrepreneur Eduardo Eurnekian signed a memorandum of understanding launching an OLPC program in Karabagh. The program is geared towards elementary schools throughout Karabagh. Eurnekian hopes to decrease the gap by giving the war-zoned region an opportunity to engage in a more solid education. The New York-based nonprofit, Armenian General Benevolent Union, is helping to undertake the responsibility by providing on-the-ground support. The government of Karabagh is enthusiastic and is working with OLPC to bring the program to fruition.
Other important institutions include the Dr. Alberto Eurnekian Hospital (2008), and the Provincial University of Ezeiza - which opened its doors in 2012 as the first university dedicated to aeronautics in Latin America; a proposal was submitted later that year to the National University Council by the school for its nationalization.
Upon concerns from the national government and others, SanCor initially denied it had received any other offers from national investors, but the Petersen Group, led by Argentine entrepreneurs Enrique Eskenazi, Hugo Sigman and Eduardo Eurnekian, claimed it had presented a better offer which had been rejected.
A total of three titles were produced and released by Fonema S.A. parent company of Discos Qualiton, under the label Balkanton. The titles were edited by Planeta S.A. a firm owned by Eduardo Eurnekian and Miguel Levy, under license by Balkanton Records, Bulgaria.
The Main Church of the complex was built by the donation of Richard Alexander Manoogian and Louise Manoogian Simone, in the memory of their defunct father, philanthropist, entrepreneur and former AGBU President Alex Manoogian and his wife Marie Manoogian. On the other hand, the construction of the two chapels of the complex was completed by the donation of Nazar and Artemis Nazarian and Kevork and Linda Kevorkian, while the belfry was erected by the donation of Eduardo Eurnekian.
Teba, which held the concession for the Buenos Aires bus station, acquired a controlling stake in Aerovip in December 2004, buying shares representing 80% of the outstanding equity that belonged to Sebastian Agote. The other 20% will remain in hands of Eduardo Eurnekian, head of airport concessionaire Aeropuertos Argentina 2000. Aerovip has not been flying since October 3, 2004 and has debts of over US$9 million. In a meeting with the Aeronautic Union (APA),
In 2001, a 30-year concession agreement for the management of operations at the airport was signed with Armenia International Airports CJSC, owned by Argentine company Corporation America, which is in turn owned by Armenian Argentine businessman Eduardo Eurnekian. As part of that agreement, Armenia International Airports CJSC renovated and expanded the airport in order for it to serve tourism and commerce between Asia and Europe.
In period before 2011 significant amount of investments were attracted to air communication sector of Armenia. Zvartnots airport was purchased by Eduardo Eurnekian – Argentinean businessman of Armenian origin, who owns dozens of airports around the world. Zvartnots Airport was completely modernized and new building of the airport was constructed. Shirak – second largest airport of Armenia was modernized too. Total amount of investment reached 70 million US dollars.
On August 3, 2007, the government of Armenia announced that it had agreed to include the management of operations at Armenia's second largest airport (Shirak) in the 30-year concession agreement that it signed with Armenia International Airports CJSC in December 2001 to take over operations at Zvartnots International Airport. Armenia International Airports CJSC is owned by Corporacion America, an Argentine company which operates several airports across South America, which is owned in turn by Eduardo Eurnekian.
Eduardo Eurnekian was born to Armenian immigrant parents on 4 December 1932. His family established a textile manufacturer which prospered with the Argentine economy and became an important supplier to international sporting apparel firm Puma; but which, like many Argentine textile makers, nearly collapsed after Economy Minister José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz's round of free trade and deregulatory policies led to a severe crisis, in 1981.
On the airline changed its name to ARG Argentina Línea Privada following the acquisition of the company by Eduardo Eurnekian. Aircraft were painted in a new livery, displaying the acronym ARG on both sides of the fuselage. This situation prompted an issue with the airline's name, as ARG is the ICAO airline code for Aerolíneas Argentinas. In mid-2002 the name of the airline was changed to AIRG. Bolivian airline AeroSur and four Argentine investors acquired the airline on , and the original name LAPA was restored.
Many major construction projects has been conducted in Yerevan, such as the Northern Avenue and the rehabilitation of "Old Yerevan" on Aram Street. The Northern Avenue is completed and was opened in 2007, while the "Old Yerevan" project is still under development. In the past few years, the city centre has also witnessed major road reconstruction, as well as the renovation of the Republic square, funded by the American-Armenian billionaire Kirk Kerkorian. On the other hand, the Argentina-based Armenian businessman Eduardo Eurnekian took over the airport, while the cascade development project was funded by the US based Armenian millionaire Gerard L. Cafesjian.
Eurnekian has built an almost $1 billion media empire since the early 1990s and is now the majority owner of a consortium operating 76 airports worldwide, mostly across Argentina and elsewhere in South America as well as in Armenia. He also owns 2,000 square kilometres of land and food processing factories in northern Argentina. He has been awarded as the "Business Man of the year" in 1995. In 1999 he received in Italy the "Leonardo Award", given to the foreign businessman of the year. He also received the highest awards in Armenia for his activities. In 2012 he was awarded the Business for Peace award in Oslo, Norway.
Plans to merge Newbery with Ezeiza International Airport in a new facility located on an artificial island were revived in 1996 by a commission headed by Congressman Álvaro Alsogaray, though these plans were ultimately dropped. Its operations, like those of all the nation's public airports, were privatized in 1998 and transferred to "Aeropuertos Argentina 2000" (part of the conglomerate owned by local businessman Eduardo Eurnekian). The runway was further extended by in 2007, and work began in 2009 to create greater distance between the nearby Rafael Obligado Coast Highway and the eastern end of the runway. Routes were added in March 2010 to destinations in Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay. Work began in 2011 on Terminals III and IV, totaling . These terminals were inaugurated in March 2014, effectively doubling the airport's passenger capacity.