Synonyms for euteliinae or Related words with euteliinae

leucozona              cinerella              biseriata              diaphora              pectinicornis              turbida              flavicosta              triangulifera              annulicornis              obscurata              psychidae              grotei              tischeriidae              batrachedridae              crocota              consimilis              autoba              fumosa              umbricola              distinguenda              gibeaux              eutelia              rectifascia              kiesenwetter              lypusidae              fulvicornis              cingalensis              zerny              audea              morosa              brahmaeidae              theclinae              dentifera              radoszkowski              strigata              jansei              pictipennis              rambur              lophoptera              inquinata              hilaris              unimaculata              varipes              herbuloti              pollanisus              fodina              cerura              filipjev              consobrina              powelli             

Examples of "euteliinae"
The following species belongs to the subfamily Euteliinae, but have not been assigned to a genus yet. Given here is the original name given to the species when it was first described:
More recent evidence from nuclear genes (Zahiri et al. 2010) confirms that the quadrifid (forewing) noctuoids form a monophyletic group, but also that this group can be further arranged into four monophyletic subgroups: 1) the quadrifine subfamilies; 2) the trifine subfamilies; 3) the Nolinae; and 4) the Euteliinae. Considering the massive size of the family, and the large number of subfamilies, tribes, and subtribes to arrange into a classification, Zahiri et al. (2010) chose the option of recognizing these four groups as families, namely Erebidae, Noctuidae, Nolidae, and Euteliidae, in addition to the basal trifid families.