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aikaterini              irini              angeliki              papadopoulou              dimitra              ioanna              panagiota              afroditi              eirini              karagianni              konstantina              aggeliki              moraitidou              solomou              anthoula              vasiliki              athanasia              tsoukala              antigoni              giota              fotini              psarra              lambrou              natassa              galani              arvaniti              athina              patoulidou              anthi              natasa              roumpesi              dimitriou              georgakopoulou              areti              avramidou              kyriakou              nefeli              argiris              chrysoula              koleva              iakovou              nikoletta              tsiolakoudi              darina              hristiana              papadaki              aggelos              evdokia              theodoridou              aimilios             

Examples of "evangelia"
the youngest archer : Evangelia Giamvria, , 3 March 1992
Evangelia Demerouti, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Evangelia Papazoglou (born 14 January 1995) is a Greek synchronized swimmer. She competed in the women's duet at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Her partner was Evangelia Platanioti. They finished in 10th place.
Evangelia Sotiriou (, born March 2, 1980, Athens) is a Greek rhythmic gymnast.
Eva (Evangelia) Chantava is a female professional volleyball player from Greece.
On March 13, 2011 "Evangelia Heretika" was certified platinum in Poland.
Marika Ninou () (1918 – 23 February 1957), was an Armenian-Greek rebetiko singer, born Evangelia Atamian ().
In 1967, she married the soccer legend Mimis Domazos, although later they divorced. They had two daughters, Evangelia and Rania.
Alexandros Skourletis descendants are his only son, Alexandros Skourletis Junior and his son's daughter, Evita Evangelia Skourleti.
According to Burgon it contains "commentarii incerti auctoris in omnia Evangelia quae per annum in Ecclesia Graeca leguntur".
Evangelia Heretika is the second live DVD by Polish extreme metal band Behemoth. It was released on November 9, 2010.
Evangelia Platanioti (born 9 August 1994) is a Greek synchronized swimmer. She competed in the women's duet at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She also competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the women's duet where her partner was Evangelia Papazoglou. They finished in 10th place.
DL Street renamed the ship "Redbrook". In 1965 Street sold her to Hegif Compania Naviera SA of Greece, who renamed her "E Evangelia".
Evangelia Monokrousou (born 1999) was a Greek female artistic gymnast and part of the national team. She participated at the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow.
His exegetical works are: "Scholia in Quatuor Evangelia" (Antwerp, 1596), and "Notationes in totam Scripturam Sacram" (Antwerp, 1598), both of which passed thrrough several editions.
Evangelia "Eva" Christodoulou (; born 27 September 1983) is a Greek rhythmic gymnast. She won a bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
Evangelia Psarra (born June 17, 1974 in Thessaloniki) is a Greek archer. She represented Greece at the 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.
Evangelia Moraitidou (born March 26, 1975) is a female Greek water polo player and Olympic silver medalist with the Greek national team.
Callas's relationship with Evangelia continued to erode during the years in Greece, and in the prime of her career, it became a matter of great public interest, especially after a 1956 cover story in "Time" magazine which focused on this relationship and later, by Evangelia's book "My Daughter – Maria Callas". In public, Callas blamed the strained relationship with Evangelia on her unhappy childhood spent singing and working at her mother's insistence, saying,
MV "E Evangelia is a shipwrecked refrigerated cargo ship at Costinești on the Black Sea coast of Romania. She was built in Northern Ireland in 1942 as the Empire ship Empire Strength, was operated by Blue Star Line from 1942 to 1961, was bought by Greek shipowners in 1965 and wrecked in 1968. The ship had four names in her career, having been renamed Saxon Star in 1946, Redbrook" in 1961 and "E Evangelia" in 1965.