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voskopoulos              tolis              parios              rakintzis              korgialas              olympiou              eleftheria              hatzigiannis              sakis              mazonakis              theodoridou              tsotou              arvanitaki              tsitsanis              theiopoulos              despina              theofanous              mitropanos              tamta              einai              agapo              tragoudo              pashalis              sarbel              christoforou              stamatis              vissi              kalimera              alkistis              martakis              risteska              mihalis              lefteris              patroklou              sfakianakis              karvelas              apostolia              kokkinou              glykeria              mimis              natassa              tragoudia              dantis              savvopoulos              erotas              chrispa              proeski              kontopoulos              protopsalti              remos             

Examples of "evridiki"
That same period, they collaborated with Evridiki for her album "Sto Idio Vagoni", with Giorgia having a duet, named "Mono Esena" with Evridiki.
It was succeeded as Cypriot representative at the 1992 Contest by Evridiki with "Teriazume".
The song is a love ballad, with Evridiki telling her lover that they each want the same thing.
The performance featured a full band, with guitar, drums and electronic keyboard. Evridiki wore a revealing silver dress.
Cyprus entered the Eurovision Song Contest 1992 with "Teriazoume" by Evridiki, after she won the Cypriot national final.
The winner was Evridiki with the song "Teriazoume" (We're alike), composed by Giorgos Theophanous and Leonidas Malenis.
It was succeeded as Cypriot representative at the 1994 Contest by Evridiki with "Ime Anthropos Ki Ego".
Evridiki Theokleous (; born 25 February 1968), known professionally as simply Evridiki, is a Greek Cypriot rock, pop, and electropop singer. She is best known in Europe for representing her home country, Cyprus, in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992, 1994 and 2007 with the songs "Teriazoume", "Eimai Anthropos Ki Ego" and "Comme Ci, Comme Ça", respectively.
Evridiki performed 9th on the night of the contest, following Portugal and preceding Malta. "Teriazoume" received 57 points, placing 11th of 23 countries competing.
In 2009 Evridiki released the album Etsi Ine I Agapi, performing together with Dimitris Korgialas. The neχt year (2010) the cd-single Etsi Apla was released.
"Teriazoume" (Greek script: "Ταιριάζουμε", English translation: "We're alike") was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1992, performed in Greek by Evridiki.
He was married to Eleni Asimakopoulou, whom he met during his stay in Trieste. They had two children, Irinaios and Evridiki.
Evridiki performed as third in the semi-final on May 10, 2007, but did not manage to qualify for the final.
George Theofanous has composed three Cyprus entries, debuting in 1992 with singer Evridiki and the song "Teriazoume" which placed eleventh. He and Evridiki were reselected in 1994 with the song "Eimai Anthropos Ki Ego" and finished once again at eleventh place. Finally, CyBC selected Theofanous and his boy band ONE for the 2002 with the song "Gimme" which finished at sixth place. He conducted the Eurovision orchestra for four consecutive Cypriot entries, from 1992 to 1995.
In 1993, Evridiki released her highly acclaimed album "Missise Me" (Hate Me), making her one of the most successful singers in Greece. "Missise Me" is supposed to be Evridiki's favourite album among her fans.
It was succeeded as Cypriot representative in the 1993 Contest by Kyriakos Zimboulakis and Dimos van Beke with "Mi Stamatas". Evridiki returned to the Contest in 1994 and 2007 with "Eimai Anthropos Ki Ego" and "Comme Ci, Comme Ça" respectively.
It was succeeded as Cypriot representative at the 1995 Contest by Alexandros Panayi with "Sti Fotia". Evridiki returned to the Contest for a third time in 2007 with "Comme Ci, Comme Ça".
Íme ánthropos ki egó (Greek script: "Είμαι άνθρωπος κι εγώ", English translation: "I'm a person too") was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994, performed in Greek by Evridiki.
She represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992 (Malmö, Sweden) with the song "Teriazoume" (finishing in eleventh place), and then in 1994 (Dublin, Ireland) with "Ime Anthropos Ki Ego". The latter caused controversial reactions from critics and the audience due to the song's political allusion to The Cyprus Problem. On the other hand, it became a hot favourite to win because of its ethnic sound and her very sentimental performance. As with her first entry in the contest two years previously, Evridiki took eleventh place. Evridiki also appeared as a backing vocalist in Eurovision on three separate occasions, in 1983, 1986, and 1987.
Overall, Evridiki is one of the most popular successful and best selling singers in Greece and Cyprus. Besides George Theophanous and Dimitris Korgialas, she has worked with important personalities of the Greek music industry ; Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Giorgos Hatzinasios, Yannis Spanos, Marios Tokas, Vangelis Dimitriadis, Christos Dantis, Natalia Germanou, Eleni Peta, Antonis and Yannis Vardis, Stelios Rokkos, and Sakis Rouvas.