Synonyms for executequery or Related words with executequery

setattribute              executeupdate              findall              fwrite              getvalue              getattribute              getconnection              getstring              createinstance              movenext              adoconn              writeobject              adorscase              createfile              getparameter              getdata              appendchild              strcat              writefile              getitem              queryinterface              preparestatement              readfile              getproperty              fprintf              createelement              getproperties              gettype              dopost              invokestatic              ssql              getsize              readobject              setvalue              fread              sprintf              preparedstatement              getsource              getname              textout              closehandle              plsql              newinstance              getcontext              getenumerator              getprocaddress              methodname              dispid              strncpy              liststring             

Examples of "executequery"
eoService.invokeService("empService", "executeQuery", [ejbql],
eoService.invokeService("empService", "executeQuery", ["SELECT e FROM Employee e WHERE e.employee_ID = " +