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Examples of "extremexos"
ExtremeXOS is the software or the network operating system used in newer Extreme Networks network switches. It is Extreme Networks second generation operating system after the VxWorks based ExtremeWare operating system.
ExtremeXOS is based on the Linux kernel and BusyBox.. In July 2008 legal action was taken against Extreme Networks due to alleged violation of the GNU General Public License. Three months later the lawsuit was settled out of court.
In February 2014, AVnu Alliance announced their first certified products, a series of AVB switches from Extreme Networks that passed all conformance tests and will bear the AVnu-certified logo. Extreme Networks’ Summit X440 is a series of stackable switches that extend the benefits of the ExtremeXOS software. They are intended for professional AV and IT applications, allowing data, audio and video to co-exist on a single standards-based network.