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The party's founder and long-time leader is Fabrizio Comencini.
!rowspan="1" align="left" valign="top"|Fabrizio Comencini
!rowspan="1" align="left" valign="top"|Fabrizio Comencini
!rowspan="1" align="left" valign="top"|Fabrizio Comencini
Fabrizio Comencini (born 6 November 1953 in Garda) is a Venetist politician.
Tramarin never joined Lega Nord and is currently active in Liga Veneta Repubblica, a minor Venetist party led by Fabrizio Comencini.
The alliance, promoted by Fabrizio Comencini, Carlo Covi and Patrik Riondato, was officially launched in November 2009 by the union of six parties and groups:
In June 2013, having reconciled with IV, Guadagnini formed a joint separatist cartel with Lodovico Pizzati of IV, Fabrizio Comencini of Liga Veneta Repubblica (LVR), Stefano Valdegamberi of Popular Future (FP), other Venetist groups, associations and individuals.
LdV was founded in 1999 by a group of splinters of Liga Veneta Repubblica (and, before, of Liga Veneta) led by Mariangelo Foggiato, regional councillor and party president, and Antonio Serena, senator. They dissented on the alliance with Forza Italia prospected by Fabrizio Comencini, LVR national secretary.
His strong Venetism eventually led Morosin to leave Liga Veneta–Lega Nord in October 1998 to join Liga Veneta Repubblica (LVR), along with Fabrizio Comencini and other four regional councillors. In 2000 he missed re-election and was an unsuccessful candidate in many other elections.
In September 1998, after some clashes with Umberto Bossi, Fabrizio Comencini, national secretary of Liga Veneta (LV) since 1994, tried to lead the party out of the Lega Nord federation. This move was opposed by Bossi's loyalists and he was finally expelled from the party and replaced by Gian Paolo Gobbo as leader of the LV.
Having joined Liga Veneta–Lega Nord, he was elected to the Regional Council of Veneto in 1995. However, he left the party in 1998, when he founded Liga Veneta Repubblica (LVR) along with Fabrizio Comencini. He was national president of LVR until 1999, when he abandoned active politics.
In October 1998 Roccon left Liga Veneta–Lega Nord and was a founding member of Liga Veneta Repubblica (LVR), along with Fabrizio Comencini and other four regional councillors. In the 2000 regional election LVR failed to field a list in the province of Belluno and, thus, Roccon was not re-elected.
In June 2013, having reconciled with Veneto State (VS), Pizzati formed a joint separatist cartel with Stefano Valdegamberi, VS leader Antonio Guadagnini, Fabrizio Comencini of Liga Veneta Repubblica (LVR), other Venetist groups, associations and individuals. Subsequently, on 7 July, Pizzati launched Plebiscite 2013 (P2013), a cross-party nonpartisan committee for the referendum, which was endorsed by politicians, intellectuals and professionals.
In July 1994, after years of juxtaposition with federal secretary Bossi on several institutional, organisational, ethnic, ethic and economic issues, Rocchetta left the party before the end of a congress in which his wife and protégé Marilena Marin was replaced by Fabrizio Comencini as national secretary. After his exit from Lega Nord, he unsuccessfully launched Liga Nathion Veneta. He later joined the Federalists and Liberal Democrats and National Alliance, prior to leaving politics.
However, as soon as in January 2010, the coalition broke up over frictions between the moderate wing led by Fabrizio Comencini and Carlo Covi, respectively leaders of LVR and Venetian Agreement, and the independentist wing led by Patrik Riondato, leader of Venetians Movement. The former wanted to endorse Antonio De Poli of the Union of the Centre for President in the 2010 regional election, a notion vehemently opposed by the independentists, and this ultimately led to the premature death of the coalition.
In 1998 Fabrizio Comencini left the party over disagreements with Bossi and formed a brand-new Venetist party named Liga Veneta Repubblica (then Veneti d'Europa). Seven regional councillors out of nine followed Comencini into the new party, while Gobbo took over as national secretary of the LV, along with a new national president, Giuseppe Ceccato (who left the party in 1999). In the 1999 provincial elections the party lost the provinces of Padua and Verona.
LNV was founded in 1994 by Franco Rocchetta and Marilena Marin, after they had left Liga Veneta–Lega Nord, a party they were instrumental to establish. Marin had been national secretary of Liga Veneta from 1983 to 1994 (when she was defeated by Fabrizio Comencini during a party congress), while Rocchetta had been federal president of Lega Nord from 1991 to 1994, after having conceived Liga Veneta in 1978–1980.
The party was formed in 1996 by splinters from Liga Veneta–Lega Nord led by Adriano Bertaso, a regional councillor. In the 1996 general election the party won 2.0% of the vote for the Chamber of Deputies, by running only in the Verona–Padua–Vicenza–Rovigo constituency (3.4%), and 2.6% for the Senate.In 1999 Bertaso led the Union into the Liga Veneta Repubblica (LVR) of Fabrizio Comencini, but soon after left it and re-organized his party, which is currently a minor political force in Veneto.
In June 2013 Pizzati formed a joint separatist cartel with Valdegamberi of Popular Future (FP), Antonio Guadagnini of Veneto State (VS), Fabrizio Comencini of Liga Veneta Repubblica (LVR), other Venetist groups, associations and individuals. Subsequently, on 7 July, Pizzati launched P2013, which has since been endorsed by politicians from different parties, activists, intellectuals, professionals and entrepreneurs. They notably included Franco Rocchetta, founder and early leader of Liga Veneta (and former federal president of Lega Nord), who returned to active politics after virtually 20 years of absence from the political scene.