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kriminalist              totmacher              brivele              todesking              bettelstudent              augenzeuge              rauchfangkehrer              blutharsch              bergdoktor              untertan              tunkeler              schadet              wixxer              giftpilz              tatortreiniger              unbesiegbare              bloasbalg              einzige              hovagimian              kreidekreis              wiederentdecker              sirarpie              zauberlehrling              musterknabe              ermittler              wahrheitsfreund              verlauf              epochen              auftrag              feinschmecker              weibsteufel              kommissar              konterfei              orchideengarten              lachende              arbeyter              madagaskars              schwanendreher              keusche              rivalen              weihnachtshund              querschnitt              postmeister              trihs              pferdesports              nationalepos              busant              weiblichen              widerspenstigen              einfachen             

Examples of "fahnder"
Der Fahnder is a German television krimi series which was aired between 1984 and 2005.
Another reserved code was G for Gera. In the 1980s the West German TV series "Der Fahnder" G was an imaginary large city in the Ruhrgebiet area.
Dietrich Mattausch was born on April 26, 1940, in Leitmeritz, Sudetenland (now Litomerice, Czech Republic). He is a stage, film, and television actor best known for Der Fahnder (1984), Die Straßen von Berlin (1995), and The Wonderful Years (1979).
Link's early work includes the short film "Bunte Blumen", from 1988. She was a co-director on the documentary film "Das Glück zum Anfassen" (1989). For Bavaria Film, she wrote two screenplays to the detective series "Der Fahnder" ("The Investigators").
The son of a police officer, Pfaff was best known as police officer Hans Sperling in the series of the same name. Sperling also appeared in two films about Swedish policeman Martin Beck, namely "Flickan i jordkällaren" and "Den japanska shungamålningen". In 2002 he starred in "Goebbels und Geduldig". Between 1984 and 1996 he played Otto Schatzschneider in the German krimi series "Der Fahnder".
Moreover, she appeared in further German TV shows such as 'Drei zum Verlieben', 'Marienhof', 'Der Fahnder', 'Alphateam', 'Alarm für Cobra 11', 'Im Namen des Gesetzes', 'Hallo Robbie!' and 'Küstenwache'. Her complete TV filmography is to be found on her Official Homepage (German only).
After a season with "Mobbing Girls" Fünderich played the role of medical examiner Katharina Winkler in the ARD series "Der Fahnder" from 1997 to 2001. From 1998- to she had the continuous lead role as BKA official Eva Glaser in the RTL crime series "Die Cleveren", which earned her a German Television Award nomination in 2001.
Wenneman was born in Oer-Erkenschwick, North Rhine-Westphalia. He is perhaps best known for his leading roles as the Chief Engineer, (the LI), in "Das Boot", and as Faber in the TV series "Der Fahnder". As an actor, he appeared in nine movies, and ten television series. He died in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, at the age of 59, from lung cancer. He was married to the same woman from 1963 until his death; they had two sons together.
Campino has performed as an actor on several occasions. In 1986 he played a significant role in the movie 'Verlierer' by Bernd Schadewald and in 1990, he played a punk in the early evening television serial 'Der Fahnder'. In 1992, he played the lead role in the comedy 'Langer Samstag' by Hanns Christian Müller, alongside Gisela Schneeberger, Dieter Pfaff, Ottfried Fischer, Jochen Busse and others.
Max Färberböck (born 22 September 1950) is a German film director and writer. He was born in Brannenburg, Bavaria. He began his career at theaters in Buenos Aires and in Italy. He later studied at the University of Television and Film in Munich and worked for Constantin Film and as an assistant for Peter Zadek at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. After producing several plays at theaters in Hamburg, Heidelberg and Cologne, he began to write and direct episodes for the TV series "Der Fahnder".
Arıkan was born in Turkey but later moved to Germany where she successfully pursued a career in acting. She showed a preference for thrillers and dramas. She has starred in several popular German-language television series, including "Ein Fall für zwei" (1987–1992), "Rivalen der Rennbahn" (1989), "Hotel Paradies" (1990), "Tatort" (1990–2012), "Praxis Bülowbogen" (1992), "Wolffs Revier" (1992), "Der Fahnder" (1994), "Schwarz greift ein" (1995), "Abschnitt 40" (2003), "Leipzig Homicide" (2009), "Stolberg" (2009), "Dahoam is Dahoam" (2009–2010), "Küstenwache" (2011), and "Der Lehrer" (2015).
In 2001, he obtained an exit permission to visit his parents. However, he fled and, not being found, was wanted by Interpol. He was then imprisoned in Cariacica, Espirito Santo, Brazil. For almost a year Bergstedt had been on the international wanted list, and had disguised himself as a Lutheran pastor, preaching in Brazil. There, he had remarried and appeared to lead a normal life; after being detained for more than a year, he was finally extradited in 2003. He was found by the German police of the "Fahnder des Landeskriminalamts" (Office of Criminal Investigation), who, after monitoring him as a pastor and preaching in Brazil, were finally handed over to the local authorities. After legal proceedings, he was deported in a Lufthansa flight back to the Holstenglacis Detention Center (in the Neustadt district of Hamburg) on February 28 of that year to fulfill the rest of the sentence, after being photographed and fingerprinted again; the investigators could not ascertain how he managed to escape to Brazil.