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Examples of "fairall"
Fairall discovered and named Fairall 9, the most luminous Seyfert 1 (active) galaxy.
St George 5 (Tries: Percy Fairall. Goal: Mick Kadwell )
On January 5, 2015 Fairall suffered serious spinal injuries in Bischofshofen, during qualification for the final event of the 2014–15 Four Hills Tournament. After landing a seemingly routine jump of 123 meters, he lost balance and suddenly fell violently forward head-first. A year later, Fairall returned to Bischofshofen and gave an interview in which he discussed the progress of his recovery and continued love for ski jumping. Despite using a wheelchair, Fairall was present at the event as a keen spectator.
Kingsmill, Fairall, Perrin and Pain were executed at Tyburn on 26 April 1749. The bodies of Thomas Kingsmill and William Fairall were delivered to the Sheriff of Kent in order that they could be hung up in chains, the former at Goudhurst, the latter at Horsendown Green, where he once lived.
Jer Fairall of PopMatters suggested that on "Graveyard Girl", M83 found "pure pop perfection by dipping into the pool of mid-'80s synth-pop."
Percy Fairall played in two Grand finals during his long career, both in losing teams: firstly with St George in 1930 and then with South Sydney in 1939.
South African astronomer Tony Fairall stated in 1988 that redshifts suggested that the Virgo and Hydra-Centaurus Superclusters may be connected.
Percy Fairall played nine seasons for the St George Dragons between 1928-1937 and was also club captain between 1935-1937. A talented lock-forward and hooker, Percy Fairall was a local St. George junior from the Ramsgate Club, who went on to represent his state and country. He is also remembered as the first St George Dragons player to play 150 grade games for the club.
Percy Christian Charles Fairall (1909-1980) was an Australian rugby league players of the 1920s and 1930s. He was a state and national forward who captained his Sydney club side, the St George Dragons.
The film utilized the red-and-green anaglyph system for the 3D experience and also gave the audience the option of viewing one of two different endings to the film (in 2D) by looking through only the red or green lens of the spectacles, depending on whether the viewer wanted to see a happy or tragic ending. "The Power of Love" is the only film released in the two-camera, two-projector Fairall-Elder stereoscopic format developed by Harry K. Fairall and Robert F. Elder.
The project was presented to Jon Fairall, then editor of the Australia and New Zealand electronics magazine Electronics Today International, and in December 1986, the first of four construction articles was published as "Project 1616", with the series concluding in June 1987. In October and November 1987, a disk controller card was also published as "Project 1617".
In his 29 seasons at the helm of the program, Coach Fairall has been honoured 65 times as either the CIS national coach of the year or the OUA Provincial Coach of the Year in Track and Field and Cross Country.
Led by head coach Dennis Fairall, the Lancers have captured 25 Canadian university cross country and track and field championships (20 track and field, 5 cross country), in addition to the 46 Ontario University championships (39 track and field, 7 cross country).
Several critics praised "Beat the Champ" for providing an accessible interpretation of professional wrestling, such that listeners not interested in the sport could still enjoy the album. Writing for "Exclaim!", Jer Fairall called the record "yet another highlight in a career overflowing with them," in large part due to the group's "sonic adventurousness, matched with Darnielle's singular presence as a storyteller and a songwriter."
Ajax GO Station is a train and bus station in the GO Transit network located in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. It is a stop on the Lakeshore East line and on the Oshawa/Finch Express bus route. The train platforms lie along the south side of Highway 401 with access to the station from Westney Road at Fairall Street.
Melissa Bishop, who is still coached by Dennis Fairall, won a gold medal at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto, Ontario. Bishop also set a new Canadian record in the 800 metres in the summer of 2015 while also capturing a silver medal at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China.
The Microscopium Void is a void—a roughly rectangular region of relatively empty space, bounded by incomplete sheets of galaxies from other voids in the southern celestial hemisphere. It lies within the boundaries of the constellation of Microscopium. It was discovered and named by South African astronomer Tony Fairall in 1984.
Nicholas "Nick" Fairall (born July 6, 1989) is an American former ski jumper who competed for the United States in the men's normal hill individual competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics. He is a graduate of Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire.
Fairall was born in London and moved with his family to Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1948 and then Harare, Zimbabwe in 1953. He studied at the University of Cape Town, completing his undergraduate degree in 1966. He studied for his doctorate under Gerard de Vaucouleurs and Fritz Zwicky at the University of Texas at Austin, receiving his degree in 1970.
Jer Fairall of PopMatters gave the album a mixed review, stating "with likeability to spare, Brannan's music nevertheless needs to grow up a bit". Dave Hughes of Slant Magazine gave a negative review, stating "Brannan is a talented and tenacious guy, it's also impossible to recommend Goddamned".