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Examples of "falch"
Falch died in Stavanger in November 2013, aged 83. He was the grandfather of the goalkeeper Aslak Falch.
Michael Falch and his wife Linda Lyneborg divorced in 2006. Michael Falch resides in Vester Bøgebjerg near Boeslunde.
On August 25, 1756 he married again, to Christi(a)ne Margrethe Hagerup (1732–1795), and they had the following children: Anna Sophie Falch (1759–1830), Michael Melchiorsen Falch (1762–?), Hans Christian Falch (1764–?), Melchior Falch (1768–1849), and Cathrine Marie Helene Harboe Falch (1770–1854, who married Hans Knagenhjelm Daae). Falch's wife Christine was the daughter of Bishop Eiler Hagerup and she was also the cousin of Hans Strøm. Falch was the brother-in-law of Hans Holtermann, who was married to an older daughter of Bishop Hagerup.
FALCH, ELISA, The (Fordham) Observer, Nov. 18, 2004, P 17.
Falch is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Edgar Falch (2 November 1930 – 18 November 2013) was a Norwegian international football defender. Falch played for Viking his entire career where he played 139 league games and scored nine goals. He won the league with Viking in 1957–58 and the Cup in 1953 and 1959. Falch was capped 28 times for Norway.
His grandfather is former Norway international Edgar Falch.
Aslak Falch (born 25 May 1992) is a Norwegian football goalkeeper who plays for Vålerenga.
Helene Falch Fladmark (born 27 October 1966) is a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party.
Falch was the son of Michael Melchiorsøn Falch (died 1768) and Mette Marie Heiberg (1699–1766). He received a law degree in Copenhagen in 1747, and on March 19, 1753 he married Anna Sophie Bitsch (1726-1755). He inherited the Heiberg estate of Øvre Amla in the parish of Kaupanger ("Amble gaard") from his parents. The property was rented out from 1754 to 1779, while Falch lived in the village of Borgund. In 1759, Falch acquired the farm Djupvika in Borgund which he operated as a model farm.
Frank Meidell Falch (11 August 1920 – 15 December 2013) was a Norwegian media director.
Alette Schreiner, Falch (18 May 1873 – 26 December 1951) was a Norwegian researcher.
Since the early 1990s, Poul Krebs has played on concert stages and released a great number of albums. He also collaborated with recording studios. He has tried his hand in several different contexts and among others one of The Three Tenors along with Steffen Brandt and Michael Falch as De Tre Tenorer (the Three Tenors). Falch and Krebs, best friends, toured together and released joint albums establishing also their own record label Krebs Falch.
Ivar Lykke Falch Lind (27 February 1870 – 2 July 1951) was a Norwegian jurist and politician for the Conservative Party.
Michael Ehlert Falch (born in Køge, Denmark on 16 September 1956) is a Danish singer, guitarist, author and actor.
In 2007, journalist Torben Bille wrote a biography of Falch titled "Ud af mørket" published by Gyldendal.
Oswald Falch (July 21, 1884 – February 13, 1977) was a Norwegian gymnast who competed in the 1906 Summer Olympics.
Michael Falch started his career as a lead singer and musician in the Danish rock band Malurt established in 1977 and made up of 5 members: Michael Falch (vocals and guitar), Christian Arendt (guitar), Henrik Littauer (keyboards), Peter Mors (drums) and Dia Nielsen (bass). In 1982, changes were made with guitarist Christian Arendt replacing Peter Viskinde and keyboardist Pete Repete replacing Henrik Littauer.
She was born in Christiania as a daughter of district stipendiary magistrate Ingvald Falch (1825–1909) and Alette Louise Aubert (1850–1916), and a great-granddaughter of Benoni Aubert. She grew up in Eidsvoll. Her brother Ingvald Falch, Jr. (1884–1962) became a district stipendiary magistrate too.
The expedition continued and, when Brøndsted returned to Copenhagen in 1813, he married Georg's sister Frederikke. Koes had been engaged to his cousin Caroline Falch (7 November 1790 - 10 November 1856), daughter of Andreas Falch (1748-1797) & Charlotte Sophie Suhr (1756-1822), before leaving for Paris, and on his death she married Theodor Suhr the elder (1792-1858) in around 1816.