Synonyms for falcon_falco_biarmicus or Related words with falcon_falco_biarmicus

concolor_eurasian              falcon_falco_biarmicus_saker              falcon_falco_biarmicus_peregrine              hobby_falco_cuvierii_lanner              falcon_falco_cherrug_barbary              marsh_harrier_circus_ranivorus              owl_scotopelia_peli              taita_falcon_falco_fasciinucha              spilogaster_cassin_hawk              cuckoo_cuculus_gularis_klaas              woodfordii_pearl_spotted_owlet              cuckoo_chrysococcyx_klaas              falcon_falco_pelegrinoides_peregrine              tachiro              barbary_falcon_falco_pelegrinoides              falcon_falco_amurensis              decaocto_laughing_dove_spilopelia              plectropterus_gambensis              rufigularis_orange_breasted              deserti_barred_warbler_sylvia              senegalensis_namaqua              lacteus_pel_fishing              pied_hornbill_lophoceros_fasciatus              vocifer_palm_nut_vulture              duck_anas_sparsa              cuculoides_european_honey_buzzard              necrosyrtes_monachus              cuculus_solitarius_black              falco_eleonorae_sooty_falcon              falcon_falco_peregrinus_pheasants              cuckoo_cuculus_clamosus_common              scissor_tailed_kite_chelictinia              crassirostris_menetries              gypohierax_angolensis_hooded_vulture              dideric_cuckoo_chrysococcyx_caprius              citrinelloides              falco_concolor_merlin_falco              ocreata_white_browed              hobby_falco_subbuteo_saker              necrosyrtes_monachus_egyptian_vulture              kellen_dormouse_graphiurus_kelleni              eurasian_hobby_falco_subbuteo              nagtglasii              cuckoo_hawk_aviceda              sooty_falcon_falco_concolor              albicilla_lammergeier_gypaetus_barbatus              crowned_hornbill_lophoceros_alboterminatus              warbler_sylvia_mystacea              circus_pygargus_african              incomtus             

Examples of "falcon_falco_biarmicus"
Bird species include lanner falcon ("Falco biarmicus"), buzzard, swallows, martins, sparrows and doves; including the Namaqua dove ("Oena capensis").
The lanner falcon ("Falco biarmicus") is a medium-sized bird of prey that breeds in Africa, southeast Europe and just into Asia. It is mainly resident, but some birds disperse more widely after the breeding season.
Among the birds of prey found at the reserve are the bearded vulture or lammergeier ("Gypaetus barbatus"), Egyptian vulture ("Neophron percnopterus"), Eurasian griffon vulture ("Gyps fulvus"), peregrine ("Falco peregrinus"), lanner falcon ("Falco biarmicus") and others. Other birds found at the reserve include: Caspian snowcock ("Tetraogallus caspius"), chukar partridge ("Alectoris chukar"), grey partridge ("Perdix perdix") and the common quail ("Coturnix coturnix"). Birds living in the semi-desert foothills are the European nightjar ("Caprimulgus europaeus"), European bee-eater ("Merops apiaster") and passerines are widespread.
Threats to the species come from the use of organochlorine pesticide sprays in northern Zimbabwe which may have reduced numbers there, and pesticide-spraying (e.g. through operations to control red-billed quelea and locusts) may pose a threat in other regions. Tourist flights using helicopters and microlight aircraft seem to have caused major disturbance to birds resident along the Victoria Falls gorges, where the remaining birds are threatened with flooding by a proposed dam. Reasons for its scarcity in East Africa possibly include competition for food and nest sites with the larger and more dominant peregrine falcon ("Falco peregrinus") and predation of young by the peregrine falcon, lanner falcon ("Falco biarmicus"), and owls.