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flufftails_order_gruiformes              sarothrura_elegans_red              buff_spotted_flufftail              chested_flufftail_sarothrura_rufa              chestnut_headed_flufftail              white_winged_redstart              streaky_breasted_flufftail_sarothrura              slate_colored_seedeater              sarothrura_lugens              aegyptiacus_spur_winged              phoenicurus_erythrogaster              melanotos_hartlaub_duck_pteronetta              sporophila_schistacea              africanus_rüppell_vulture_gyps              leucophthalmus              savile_bustard              cinereous_becard_pachyramphus_rufus              ashy_flycatcher_muscicapa_caerulescens              dusky_crested_flycatcher              throated_robin_irania              albinucha              green_backed_becard              nettapus_auritus_african              spotted_flufftail_sarothrura_pulchra              crithagra_sulphuratus              wattled_crane_bugeranus_carunculatus              white_winged_becard              quelea_quelea_yellow              ortygospiza_atricollis_african_silverbill              black_faced_quailfinch              monasa_morphoeus              billed_duck_sarkidiornis              goose_plectropterus_gambensis_knob              gutturalis_rufous_tailed              eyed_parakeet_psittacara              headed_lapwing_vanellus_albiceps              lined_seedeater_sporophila_lineola              myioparus_plumbeus              vieillot_barbet_lybius_vieilloti              fringilloides              gorgeted_flycatcher              niveogularis              alnorum_willow_flycatcher_empidonax              aegithalos              saxicola_rubetra_european              guifsobalito              zebra_waxbill_sporaeginthus_subflavus              phoenicurus_siberian              melanozanthos              crowned_hornbill             

Examples of "family_sarothruridae"
The slender-billed flufftail ("Sarothrura watersi") is a species of bird in the family Sarothruridae.
The buff-spotted flufftail ("Sarothrura elegans") is a species of bird in the family Sarothruridae.
The red-chested flufftail ("Sarothrura rufa") is a species of bird in the family Sarothruridae.
The grey-throated rail ("Canirallus oculeus") is a species of bird in the family Sarothruridae.
The Tsingy wood rail ("Canirallus beankaensis") is a species of bird in the family Sarothruridae that only was scientifically described in 2011.
The striped flufftail ("Sarothrura affinis") is a species of bird in the flufftail family Sarothruridae. It is also known as the red-tailed flufftail. The species is closely related to the Madagascar flufftail.
Canirallus is a genus of bird in the flufftail family, Sarothruridae. This genus includes one species from wet forests in West and Middle Africa, and two species from forests in Madagascar.
Flufftails (genus "Sarothrura") are small birds related to rails and finfoots. There are nine species, seven of which are distributed across sub-Saharan Africa, with the remaining two in Madagascar. The genus was long placed with the rail family Rallidae, but is now placed in the family Sarothruridae, along with three other species of rail.
The Madagascan wood rail ("Canirallus kioloides"), also known as the kioloides rail, is a species of bird in the family Sarothruridae. It is endemic to forests, often in wet areas, in northern and eastern Madagascar. Until the description of the Tsingy wood rail, it was the only species of "Canirallus" in Madagascar.