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eriksdatter              lundevall              elfving              dehle              arnstad              olsdatter              espedal              larsdotter              bjerkreim              granerud              rogstad              frisvold              lervik              essendrop              norderval              kruuse              klinga              fjeldstad              krogness              laudal              kjelling              jeremiassen              meinich              storvik              giske              sigve              magnhild              hauan              svenkerud              rekstad              lerum              lidman              elvebakk              lindkvist              reidun              torvik              ihlen              botnen              himbuyan              stensson              bredal              hersleb              tveiten              maurstad              gjerdrum              erfjord              tallroth              seidenfaden              vorvik              skarstein             

Examples of "fardal"
Signy Fardal (born 29 August 1961) is a Norwegian magazine editor.
Fardal Opseth was born in Norway and he started his career with Kaupanger before joining Førde.
Fardal Opseth joined Sogndal in 2014. He made his debut for Sogndal in a 3-0 defeat against Stabæk.
In 1993 it incorporated "Sogn og Fjordane" and continued as "Sogn Avis". Editors under the label "Sogn Avis" have been Gerhard Haugland (1992–2000), Jan Inge Fardal (acting, 2000-2001), Kai Aage Pedersen (2001-2003), Rune Timberlid (2003-2005) and Jan Inge Fardal (2005-present).
Kristian Fardal Opseth (born 6 January 1990) is a Norwegian footballer who plays as a striker for FK Bodø/Glimt on loan from OBOS-ligaen-side Sogndal. He has previously played for Førde.
In the first season took part Simen Agdestein, Terje Sporsem, Katrine Moholt, Caroline Dina Kongerud, Signy Fardal, Finn Schjøll, Tom A. Haug, Anita Moen, Otto Robsahm and Guri Schanke. The series was won by Katrine Moholt and dance partner Bjørn Holthe, who defeated Guri Schanke and dance partner Tom Arild Hansen in the final.
A dominant figure in the following years was Nicolay Fardal (1883-1960), who was pastor in the congregation in Kristiansand from 1928 to 1960. During his time as a pastor the adherents to The Community grew and there were few theological disputes. This period of growth and theological harmony lasted until the early 1990s, when the church's ban on trousers for women was challenged. This controversy was solved by allowing the members of the church to follow their conscience when it comes to dressing appropriately and decently. The years that followed brought several liberalizations and reforms.
During negotiations, the inmates did not feel they were being taken seriously, and there was discussion of killing a guard in retaliation. Though the group never reached a decision on the killing, one of the prisoners decided it was time to take action. According to the prosecution, Officer Robert Vallandingham, who had been taken hostage, was handcuffed and strangled with a dumbbell from the prison weight room. However, testimony by Dr. Richard Fardal, Franklin County Deputy Coroner, disputed the claim that Officer Vallandingham was killed by a weight, saying that there was “no injury to the voice box or the trachea” and that “Mr. Vallandingham died solely and exclusively as a result of ligature strangulation.” Testimonies vary as to which prisoner was responsible for his murder. During those eleven days, representatives from the Sunni Muslims, Aryan Brotherhood, and Gangster Disciples met every day in an improvised leadership council.