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mustqil              gokulpur              lingampalle              ibrahimpur              madhau              navadia              venkatapur              bibipur              bhanpur              puraini              sankarpur              parsauni              lalpur              sakhuwa              ranipura              paterwa              puraina              gobindpur              prempur              bhagwanpur              barhara              ramchandrapur              shankarpur              bishunpur              kathalia              kalikapur              bishanpur              rukunpur              pimpalgaon              balua              manpur              kathora              vasna              shampur              venkatapuram              purbba              borgaon              manpura              jitpur              rudravaram              kotda              ehatmali              dumra              belgachhi              tajpur              shekhpura              laxmipur              malikpur              pallipatti              jahanpur             

Examples of "fattepur"
Cities near to Kanchanrup Municipality include Triyuga, Fattepur, Rajbiraj
Khairbandha Dam, is an earthfill dam on Fattepur river near Gondia in State of Maharashtra in India.
The Chandra Nahar Canal was the first canal of Nepal which was established by one of the Rana PM of Nepal. The Chandra Shumsher J.B.R.. It is lies towards the north eastern part of Saptari. This canal is originated from Triyuga river at a place called Fattepur recently lies in Saptakoshi Municipality.
Jamner is a town and taluka in the Jalgaon subdivision of Jalgaon district in Nashik division of Khandesh region of Maharashtra state in India. Jamner is famous for cotton, banana and oranges. Its main markets are Neri, Pahur , Shendurni, Fattepur(Vijaynagar).
The Chandra Nahar Canal, established in northeastern Saptari by Chandra Shumsher Jang Bahadur Rana, one of the Prime Ministers during the Rana era (1846–1951) of Nepal, was the first canal in the country. It originated from the Triyuga river at Fattepur. The canal was constructed by the first engineer of Nepal, Dilli Jung Thapa, who studied engineering from Roorkee University.
It was proposed that to facilitate marriage and to curb evil practices associated with the fixing of marriages, the marriage people should be allowed to meet father as well as the prospective grooms so that the marriage could be fixed in front of everyone. The Maharaja of Mithila once again sanctioned this idea and accordingly 14 villages were identified to hold such sabhas: Saurath, Khamgadi, Partapur, Sheohar, Govindpur, Fattepur, Sajhaul, Sukhasaina, Akhrarhi, Hemnagar, Balua, Baruali, Samsaul, and Sahsaula. While Saurath maintains the tradition, all other villages have discontinued holding such Sabha.
Chiraiyakot is a town in Mau district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The main town has two markets. One is called More and the other one is called Takiya. The old Chiraiyakote town is segmented into different 'Mohallas'. The most prominent one is Sarai Mohalla which is the first mohalla when you enter Chiraiyakote from the More Road. The other mohallas are Paschim, Purab and Mahatwana. The original inhabitants who normally live in the older parts of the town, are very cultured and generally well educated. This town is associated with many nearby villages. The prominent villages are 'Rasulpur', Fattepur, Ausatpur, Raipur (Paliya), Mathiya, Manajit, Brahim Chak, Sirsa, Sarounda, Aldemau, Karmi, Khurdkarmi, Raipur.This is a historical place and has history dating back to more than 500 years. The town has a mix of Hindu and Muslim population. It is 28 km from Azamgarh and 36 km from Mau. It is situated on the state highway between Azamgarh and Ghazipur. As per Bharatiya Sankriti here is a very old fort of Maharaja "Chirai". The nearest railway station is "Dullahapur".