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Examples of "fawdon"
Fawdon is served by Fawdon Metro station. This is situated just behind the Fawdon Park Centre, a shopping centre that was built in 1967; it houses Fawdon Post Office and various shops.
Fawdon also has a combined library and community centre located on Fawdon Park Road. The local football team is based there, Fawdon FC. Fawdon FC play in the NABC leagues in different age groups.
The Fawdon ward has two schools, Regent Farm First School and North Fawdon Primary School these are both for children under the ages of 11.
It is situated about north-by-west from Newcastle City Centre and is at the site of three colliery villages which were known as High Fawdon, Fawdon Square and Low Fawdon. Fawdon Square was the birthplace of 19th-century poet and songwriter Marshall Cresswell.
Fawdon Metro station serves the Fawdon area of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It is on the Green line of the Tyne and Wear Metro, and opened in 1981.
On April 10, 1654, Major George Fawdon gave to Isaac George, son of then Major John George 1,000 acres of land, if he lived to 21, but if he died before then, the land was to return to Major Fawdon. This strongly suggested to Grant family biographer Mary Grant that Hester Fawdon, wife of Isaac George, was the daughter of George Fawdon because there would be little other reason for Fawdon to make such a gift. No record of mention of an earlier wife of George Fawdon has been found, but since Fawdon was married to Anne Smith within a year of his death, she could not have been the mother of Hester Fawdon.
Castle, Denton, East Gosforth, Fawdon, Lemington, Newburn, Parklands, Westerhope, Woolsington.
Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles originated in Fawdon, Tyneside, England in 1881.
Fawdon Library has computers with free internet access as well as books and newspapers. North Kenton park, the home of Kenton sports centre, is in this ward and covers 42,500 square metres. Fawdon Park is also in the ward.
In March 2008 the City Council took the decision to demolish Fawdon Park House whilst retaining the shops on the ground level. Fawdon Park House was originally built in the 1960s as part of the Fawdon Park Centre development. Tenants left in September 2009 and demolition of the building finally commenced in late 2012 following asbestos removal.
George Fawdon and Thomas Carter witnessed a deed from Justinian Cooper to John George on March 16, 1642. On June 10, 1647, George Fawdon, Anthony Jones, and Thomas Wombrell witnessed a deed from James Roche to Henry Pitt in Chuckatuck, Isle of Wight County. George Fawdon, William Underwood and James Taylor, were appointed overseers of the will of Captain John Upton.
Marshall Cresswell was born on 18 January 1833 in the colliery village of Fawdon Square (now combined with other villages and suburbs to form Fawdon), the son of Thomas Cresswell and his wife Jane.
The nearest Tyne and Wear Metro station is Fawdon, with stations at Kingston Park and Bank Foot the other side of the A1 Western bypass. Nearby places include Fawdon and Cowgate.
Farringdon, Fatfield, Fawdon, Felling, Fence Houses, Fenham, Ford Estate, Forest Hall, Fulwell, Fairways, Four Lane Ends
Newcastle upon Tyne North: Castle, Denton, East Gosforth, Fawdon, Lemington, Newburn, Parklands, Westerhope, Woolsington.
Fawdon died on 23 May 2011 after losing her battle with cancer, aged 63.
Fawdon's name, variously spelled, appears in several Virginia land patents: Grant to Richard Bennett of 2000 acres on the Nansemond River adjoining George Fawdon, June 26, 1635; Grant to William Clark of 250 acres of land in Warrosquoyacke County, Virginia, on the south side of Nansemond River, adjoining George Fawder (Fawdon); Grant to Thomas Butler of 1,000 acres of land in Warrosquoyacke County on the Small River, falling into Nansemond Bay, on the back side of land of George Fawdon and John Parrott on July 11, 1635; Grant of 150 acres on the south side of the Nansemond River adjacent to the land of George Fawdon, July 14, 1635.
George Fawdon is listed as a justice of the local court in the Isle of Wight County Records for 1646 with eight others including John George. Since no names are listed between 1646 and 1666, George Fawdon may have served on the court during some or all of the years from 1646 until his death in 1654/1655. Fawdon was also listed as County Court Clerk in 1646 with James Bagnall, and in 1653 with five others.
Coxlodge is an area situated between Fawdon, Gosforth and Kenton in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
The station is located where the Metro route crosses Fawdon Lane on an automatic open level crossing, and the station platforms are located on opposite sides of the road. The inbound platform towards South Hylton is the site of the original Coxlodge station, which was in use between 1905 and 1929 on the Ponteland Railway. Behind it is the site of the former 'Fawdon Park House' Housing Project. The "Fawdon Park Centre", built in 1965 remains and is currently undergoing re-development.